MM.Lafleur’s Milo has become a style staple in my closet – so much so I have four colors. Their versatility is unmatched and as the weather transitions to spring I have been exploring fresh ways to style them. Before we dive into the style though, let’s meet Milo.

MM Lafleur Better Than Denim Pants (aka Milo)

The MM Lafleur Milo pants are not just any pair of pants. What makes them so special? For starters, the Milo is designed to offer the comfort of your favorite pair of jeans but with an added level of polish that takes them up a notch. Style is one thing … comfort is another. The fabric is key here – it’s stretchy yet structured. Whether you’re sitting at a desk for hours or rushing from meeting to meeting, these pants move with you without losing their chic silhouette.

Did I mention they resist wrinkles? Can you say travel style? Moreover, the durable material means they can withstand frequent wear and washing.

Full length to cropped in a snap. #Literally

And let’s not forget the key to versatility – they have snaps at the hem to take them from full length to cropped in seconds.

Milo is currently available in five perfect colors.

They are currently available in 5 colors … pick any and it will become the foundation of countless outfits, adapting effortlessly to your personal style and the demands of your schedule. I am currently eyeing “ink” to expand my collection. I should also note they are currently including in the Saks Friends and Family sale!

Styling MM.Lafleur’s Milo Pants

Let’s start with my most worn way … Business Smart … pair them with a blazer to create a more professional silhouette.

As you can see I often opt for a monotone base, blazer and fun footwear. Accessorize with a statement belt to add a touch of personality.

Without a blazer I often choose stripes to add some interest to my outfit. Pair the stripes with a functional tote to carry all of your work essentials.

Moving from business smart to casual, Milo excels there too. For this season of transition I am pairing Milo with lightweight sweaters or cardigans. Then as the weather warms I will opt for lighter tops and breathable blouses that channel the freshness of spring.

Color is also a playful way to embrace the season; Milo comes in classic shades and pairing them with pastels or brights adds a cheerful pop to your outfit.

Footwear choices like loafers or ballet flats keep the look office-appropriate and comfortable.

Milo: My Most Worn Pants of the Season

As my most worn pants of the season, the MM Lafleur Milo effortlessly earns its title. The reasons are clear – their unmatched versatility and comfort make them an everyday favorite. The Milo’s ability to traverse different dress codes is a testament to their thoughtful design. They pair as beautifully with a silk blouse and heels for the office as they do with a casual tee and sneakers for a weekend. The range of colors available means you can have a Milo pant for every mood and occasion.

By investing in a couple of pairs, you can create a mini-wardrobe of Milo’s that rotate seamlessly through your weekly outfits.