Today I’m talking about Spring 2022 fashion trends. Specifically trends you could wear to work. I realize we are still in a mostly casual world these days and “work” occurs in lots of different ways so what does this mean? The spectrum of trends I am covering is broad … or at least more so than usual. And while I am starting to see exceptions, the days of suit wearing for most are still pretty few and far between. I do have an conference in April where I will be in a suit for 4 days so I am tracking (and talking about) suit trends. #SuitsStillHappen

And while suits are slowy starting to happen again – seperates is really the name of the game. Their rise in popularity is likely due to the options they proivde. Either coordinate the matching set or break the set and dress one of the pieces up or down. Knitwear is still a major player is this area and I am always a fan of knitwear sets. #ALWAYS

I am exciting to report that color is becoming a thing (finally). I think people’s pent-up desire to be bold and make statements is what is encouraging the use of more color. #GoBoldy

Spring 2002 Colors Pantone Colors Fashion Trends

Blues, Pinks and Browns. Earthy brights is what I’m calling these colors. All the trending colors are highlighted above but the few I keep seeing again and again are browns and blues. And while not pictured as a Pantone color, lime green and neon yellow also appear to be having a momenet. #ChooseBlue

So what trends am I loving (and shopping for)? #ReadOn

Trends I am on Board With

Many of the Spring 2022 fashion trends can be lumped together with Y2K nostalgia. This trend is alive and well in the younger generations (they didn’t live through the first iteration) and appears to be gaining ground in 2022. Some I can embrace and others I’m still over. #NinetiesGirl

I cover some of the ones I’m over below but one I’m ready to embrace is … releaxed tailoring. Blazers are oversized and pants have gone from wide to drapey. This is tailoring that is perfect to bridge the gap between comfort and office appropriate and I’m on board. What else is trending that I can get behind …

Pleated Midi Skirts. One of the most wearable trends for the office, Spring 2022 is all about the pleated midi. Printed, plain, colourful, monochrome, paired with knits or paired with a blouse – as long as it’s pleated your golden. #OooTryAGoldenPleatedMidi

Metallic. We are still embracing shiny statement pieces but they are getting a little more subtle. No need for sequins and jewels to adorn your entire body, just drape yourself in liquid gold. It’s a more grown up (and office appropriate) take on shine which I can appreciate. Think slip dresses, layering tanks and flowy blazers. (This is also a good trend for shoes). #GoForTheGold

White Suits. Suits are still low on the radar for many, especially if you are mainly working from home but this workwear staple is either coming back full of color (see below) or completely void of color in BRIGHT white. #WhiteWinners

Statement Pants Suits. This really doesn’t have to be a suit. Think head-to-toe brights however you accomplish that. But I am happy to see color return to suits. And not just any color but eye-catching, statement colors with padded shoulders and wider trouser legs for a fresh silohuette. Try one for a color injection into your office wardrobe. #PinkShot

Seasonless Knits. You know I love my separates and I’m so very happy that minimalist, ribbed knitwear is moving up in the trends. Think of this a dressier alternative to athleisure. Now you really have no excuse for putting on sweats this Spring. #ZeroExcuses

Shoe Trends

Still talking about Spring 2022 fashion trends but moving on to my favorite category. Shoes. So many of them were beyond inappropriate for the office but I did find a few I am loving (okay, maybe more than a few)!! #ShoeLover

Mary Janes. Yes! I am always happy to see Mary Janes trending because I have a closet full of them and I love them. Combine them with one of the other trends and you have the best of both worlds. #DoubleDip

Princess Pumps. Ultra-feminine touches (jewels, beads, bows) adorn bright, mostly impractical shoes. This trend is not about comfort but being over-the-top … in the prettiest way possible. #Bedazzled

Ballet Flats. The ballet flat is kind of the perfect shoe for 2022. The form-fitting shape is comfortable enough for long indoor wear but also keeps you nimble and able to keep moving while on the go. 2002 is not the year for your typical round toe ballet flat. Think ankle strap details and patent leather accents. I think I will be wearing my Sarah Flint Sacchetto on repeat but they also come in a glimmering gold. Score these Sarah Flint beauties at $50 off when you purchase your first pair using code: SARAHFLINT-BAMY9TOSHOES.

Fisherman Sandals. This is a throw back to woven leather sandals that ooze utilitarian walkability. Tory Burch has managed to create a version I would actually wear to the office (with a pair of wide-leg pants) but most of these are weekend styles meant to be paired with flowy dresses or skirts. #ThanksTory

Platforms. I know, here I go again with the Y2K. It is not a trend for everyone (and probably not for the office) but it will make a statement. The ‘70s-era style is back—and brands like Saint Laurent have reimagined their signature platform soles for spring. Pair them with wide-leg jeans or maxi dresses to give your look (and mood) an instant lift. #LiftEverything

Trends I’m Leaving to Others

These are mostly grouped in with the Y2K revival but here are a few of the trends I will not be wearing this Spring. As always – you do you … I am just going to pretend they don’t exist. #Ignore

Low-Rise Pants and Crop Top. The return of the low rise is really all about bearing the midriff and pairing it with a crop top (because if you are going to wear a tunic why bother with the low rise). My stomach, however, is staying under wraps. #MomOfBoys

Neon Anything. I already noted the surge of lime green and neon yellow. Maybe for a pedicure. Maybe. #TennisBallToes

Mini Skirt Sets. Sorry, Alicia Silverstone, I didn’t like it the first go-round. #ClueLess

Super Sheer, Nets and Mesh and Cut-outs. As someone whose primary focus is professional attire – I’m pretty sure I don’t need to explain myself. Perhaps these trends are best-suited to weekend dressing rather than the work week. #MovingOn

Clogs. I’m still not ready to go there again. #INeedMoreTime

That’s my take on Spring 2022 Fashion Trends … what are your favorites?