It’s that time of year again (Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Time in case you are totally in the dark). This year I am shopping the sale very similar to how I did last year … by stocking up on personal care items (Olaplex and Donna Karan) and staples (pajamas and workout gear) and of course looking for a few cool new shoes. I will browse the entire sale but a piece is really going to have to knock my socks off for me to click “Add to Cart”. #StopMeInMySocks

Why? My closet is full. Very full. Full of clothes I haven’t worn in over a year. I have a massive sale collection from a long history of Anniversary sale shopping. And since Nordstrom brings pieces back to the sale year after year there is a fair chance I already own most of them. This post shares all my favorites pieces from my long history of shopping the sale. #YourTurn

I also created a Wish List for all these Steal My Style pieces. These Steal My Style Looks are meant to provide you with inspiration as you shop this year’s sale. These are all pieces I love and wear endlessly … the exact kind of pieces you should be looking for in the sale.  These pictures are all older, but each one showcases one (or more) Anniversary Sale finds from the current sale. Because the brands return every year and classics never go out of style … my favorites can be found in this year’s sale. #AgainAndAgain

I included a mix of casual and office since many of us are still in mixed “work” environments. Bonus – many of the items are exactly the same as previous years and there is a reason they come back year after year!  #Winners

Without further ado … steal my style #Please

Steal My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Style

Start your work week with some serious Moto Monday style!  I paired mine with a not-so-classic leopard but you could also go netural and add a not so classic clutch instead! #TrendWin

Moto Jacket | Leopard Blouse | Black Denim (actual sytle is Nina which is included in the sale – just not in black)

Another one and done this time with a dress. And whether it was the color or the statement neckline that grabbed you I have both covered with these gorgeous jewel tones and interesting accents!  #BabeInBlue

Side Tie Sheath | Sqaure Toe Double Strap | Faux Wrap | Pump | Mock Neck Sheath | Square Toe Slide

Looking for something more casual – for work or the weekend. Pair a fun sweater with classic denim and comfortable boots. #SaturdayDone

Leopard Print Sweater | Chelsea Boot | Black Denim (actual sytle is Nina which is included in the sale – just not in black)

One more weekend look and then I promise to go back to workwear inspiration. I already noted I live in these sweaters on the weekend …. and when I’m going full-on casual you will find me in these Spanx leggings and slippers. #Happens

AllSaints Sweater | Spanx | Slippers

This is one of my favorite looks … all white with a pop of color. In this case I picked blue but you can choose any color. #PickYourHue

Cashmere Coat (Theory Alternative) | Tote | Sweater | Scarf | Boots | Pants

Everyone needs a pleated faux leather skirt! Pair with a gorgeous silk blouse and you are ready for the office.  This skirt has been one of my most worn pieces. It was included in my Winter Capsule Wardrobe a few years ago so you can get even more styling ideas.  #CanYouSayVersatile

Pleated Faux Leather Skirt (Under $60)

Steal My Shoes

Love my Sarah Flint Natalie Flats but maybe not their price tag? This brand is new to the sale this year and you definetly can’t beat the price. I ordered them in blue (because I have black and brown covered) so I will report back on quality after they arrive. When I tried to recreate this look … actual pants are kind of a unicorn in the sale – I guess peole aren’t ready for real pants again yet – but I did find the accent buttons on these Hugo Boss ones appealing. You could also recreate my wide leg look using these pants which are on my top picks list. #WearPantsAgainPeople

Button Down (Under $50) | Pants | Flats (Under $50)

These aquatalia booties were added to my closet a few years ago and I still wear them tons! They are an investment boot so last year I checked out this Sam Edelman boot as an alternative and its a good one!! Evaluate how much you will wear them and pick your investment accordingly! #CostPerWearCalculations

Aquatlia Boot | Sam Edelman Boot

Steal My Statement Coats

Another Moto Monday. This is an outfit I actually live in on the weekends. I have the Dably jacket in black and ivory (see above) and this exact AllSaints sweater in blush and a similar sweater in white, red and black (green is on this year’s list).  Don’t be surprised if you see me in it every weekend come Winter. #LiterallyEveryWeekend 

Moto Jacket | AllSaints Sweater | Scarf | Boots | Bag | Leggings

I actually had a really hard time picking the boots for the above … so I’m showing all the candidates because they are all good. #SoGood

Lexi Boots | Stud Boots | Paul Green Boots | Timberland Boots

I have a thing with statement pieces. Statement coats …. statement shoes. Why choose just one? These are just a few of the coats in my closet that I wear on repeat!! Look for more statement coat coverage coming soon! #AlwaysMakeAStatement

Reiss Camel Coat

Every time I wear this VERY old AllSaints jacket someone asks where they can get it. Finally, I have an response!! #Recreated

Jacket (Under $70) | Stripe Sweater (Under $20) | MM.Lafluer Oshima’s

Fall weekends are made for field jackets. I love the layed back look of this free peole one along with the unique button placement. The price tag isn’t bad either. #Under100

Free People Field Coat (Under $100)

I’m not done with my sale coverage yet but there won’t be too much more. A few best of lists are in the works (blazers, statement coats, and dresses) and if you are not one for waiting you can see the start of the these list forming here. As a sneak preview here are a few of the blazers topping the list ….

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Blue Blazers

Veronica Beard & Dickie | Treasure & Bond (Under $100) | Treasure & Bond (Under $60)

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Camel Blazers

L’Agence Blazer | Nordstrom Blazer (Under $100) | Smythe Blazer

If you haven’t noticed already, I am mostly focused on investment pieces that you will have for years, I want comfortable pieces that work where you work and transition pieces to go from Summer to Fall and home to wherever you go now that we are all starting to leave home again. #InvestInYourCloset

If there is something in particular you are looking for drop me a note! #HappyNordstromSaleShopping