When I knew I had beautiful sandals inbound (see them here) my first thought was about my feet and the hibernation mode they had been living in for the last several months (read year). The Summer polish (applied by me) had long since disappeared. My feet weren’t soft, pretty or even remotely ready for photos. So today I’m reminding you about self care, particularly for your feet , and how to prep them for Spring! #SummerWasALongTimeAgo

Luckily I had a Tony Moly foot peel that I had been procrastinating on using that would remedy the soft problem. And a quick perusal of Target and Ulta online provided several options for pickup to solve the “pretty” problem. #AlwaysFixPretty

Foot Peels (or the Soft)

First let’s talk about peels. Foot peels are apparently a trending TikTok phenomena but I didn’t use TikTok to pick my peel (say that three times fast) – I used a girlfriend. I picked my peel out after a run with the girls one morning. Post run we went for coffee … which was next to our local Tony Moly store … and most of us had never been in it. With guidance from one in the know, we ventured in for some premium body care. A few face masks, eye covers and one foot peel later I headed home. #RunCoffeeSelfCareRepeat

It took me a few weeks to get around to using it (the booties have to stay on your feet for a few hours) and then it takes about a week to see peeling results but it was worth the wait. My feet didn’t peel like crazy but it did soften my heels and calluses. Last week – I learned about the famous TikTok foot peel. The one currently trending is this one from Amazon. With 9000+ positive reviews someone must know something. Warning: the pictures in the reviews are sometimes disturbing – I’m not sure I want my feet molting … #SnakeSkinSmoothSkin

Post peel, to continue the softening trend I’ve been using Elemis foot cream nightly. I also like this one which I just finished the bottle of. #FootCareQueen

Spring Nail Polish Trends (or the Pretty)

essie Keep You Posted Nail Polish Collection - 0.46 fl oz - image 1 of 12

With my feet softened it was time to move on to polish. I was looking for something summery and also something that would contrast beautifully with my new INEZ sandals. The winner – Essie’s Rome Around. With so many more Spring outings to come I knew I was going to need more than one “pretty” color. #SpringBecomesSummer

So what are the trending nail polish colors for Spring? Many of them align with the seasonal trending colors … but not all of them. #ReadOn


The biggest trend currently reigning supreme is neons. #EightiesVibe

While neon might be a bit of an acquired taste, these colors cannot be ignored. I mean if you want peole to know you are ready for bright days ahead – here is your go. Try Essie’s Expressie in We Don’t Mesh. Or go for a neon orange with Cute Nail Studio’s @averayray nail polish, named after the company’s receptionist (because this is her signature color year-round). This color does not say shy. Lastly Ulta’s Fuschiamania if you want a more “traditional” neon. #IsThereSuchAThing


Sinful Colors Bold Color Nail Polish in Chamomile Calm on a white background

Yellows and greens are abundant but rather than neon, I opted for an olive-ish chartreuse. Sinful Colors Bold Color Nail Polish in Chamomile Calm has just enough brown in it to make it feel almost moody. This is the one I am going to try next. #PlanningAhead


For more pastel shades, there are lots of blues. Think periwinkles with a hint of purple or faded violets. These softer shades are the perfect way to dip your toes (or fingers) into a non-traditional color. Try Sally Hansen pure in Crystal Blue. Or Essie’s Pret a Surfer – a bright almost cobalt blue. And lastly, my favorite non-polish brand – imPress in Baby Why So Blue. #SpringBlues


If you want to keep things a little more neutral … just remember neutral doesn’t have to mean boring. There is the beautiful Essie in Call Your Bluff, a rose gold shade hiding as a neutral but with a fun touch of shimmer. Or for a peachier take on neutral try OPI in A Great Opera-tunity. Lastly, for a barely there pink try Essie in Fiji. This baby pink shade with a glossy finish is flattering on every skin tone. #EverySkinTone

If you only buy one …

And my prediction for this seasons hottest color … bubblegum pink like this one from Zoya (called Missy). #ThinkPink