Today I’m talking Fall trends. I’m not going to pretend the world hasn’t been turned upside down or that I’m not sitting here typing this post while wearing a sweatshirt and yoga pants. #BothTrue

But I have started going to the office once a week and I do typically put on real clothes the other days … they just haven’t been corporate friendly real clothes on those other days. #SorryJeansAndTees

I’ve also been using this time to continue cleaning out my closet. I am working to curate a closet that really reflects my personal style full of only pieces I love. As I’ve been doing this, I discovered some key missing pieces and so I’ve been shopping thoughtfully to find those. #AndForShoes

And while I have been shopping for those pieces, I have also been eyeing what stores are bringing out for Fall. Which brings me to today’s post. There is nothing more appropriate to discuss on the first day of Fall than Fall Trends. I fully plan to add a few of these trends to my closet (and a few I already have). Of all the Fall trends I’ve seen, these are the five that I think not only have staying power, but also fit into our current mode of life. #SorryBraAsTopYouDontMakeTheCut


This is one that I”m so happy to see as trending. It has cemented a concept I’ve had rolling around in my head for a few months. It all started after discovering the brand Sacai. I love the piecemeal yet put together look her pieces create. My only investment so far has been from the collaboration with Nike (a new running jacket) but I have my eye on several pieces and I’ve also been pondering a little DIY version. #StayTuned

If you aren’t in for the DIY and have never heard of Sacai, no worries. Lots of the favorites have created beautiful ready to wear now pieces that are perfect for stay at home, leave to vote, zoom kind of days. Like this top from Veronica Beard here. #DidIMentionVote


I have a weakness for (and a closet full of) Veronica Beard. So many blazers in my closet. But when I saw this one it was like none of the others existed. It was LOVE, BIG LOVE. I’m happy to report that it is also super on-trend. I haven’t splurged yet because (1) – the previously mentioned closet full of VB blazers and (2) – I already have a skirt with a nearly identical print. I’m excited to see what other cool geometric prints begin to emerge for Fall. #ShoppingCartReady


This technically might fall under the geometric category but this is one throwback trend I’m happy to see return. Maybe we just call this part of the 90’s do-over trend? I love a good argyle print and there are so many great ones to choose from right now!! I’m still deciding if I’m happy 90’s plaid has also made a comeback. I’m all in on plaid but I think I’ve outgrown grunge or punk styled plaid. #DoesThisMakeMeOld


My girlfriend Kate (@stylishlysisters) tried to get me to buy into the cape trend last year. I didn’t. I’m still deciding if I’m there this year – but I’m closer. I’m dipping my toe in the trend starting with a small Amazon investment and we will see where we go from there. I love the idea of a new take on the third layer (but I do have that previously mentioned closet full of blazers). #VerdictStillOutForMe


Shimmer. Sequin. Shine. Metallic. All good. Items that do this simply make me smile and we can also use more smiles. While I don’t think these are pieces that will continue back to the office – they are perfect for upcoming Holiday soirees and other celebrations – even if they only happen on Zoom. I already know this is one New Year’s Eve I’m going all in with celebrating. Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021! From head to toe maxi dresses or shiny shoes … choose your level of sparkle. #ShiningStar

Honorable Mention (Skirt Suits)

I’m am not counting this one because it is not a trend I will be wearing much this Fall but I’m happy to see the return of suits with skirts and I am totally here for the trend when I suit up again. If you already are – put this one in your arsenal. #SuitStyle

What trends do you think you will try for Fall? Or are you still shopping your closet and enjoying the work-from-home-casual looks? I’m hoping to dive into Fall shoe trends sometime in the next few weeks too. Any that you have been eyeing?