So before we get into today’s Tuesday Shoesday with Amazon I have something I need to get off my chest.  I’ve been debating this post for awhile (since about May really).  Why?  Well, let’s start at the beginning shall we?  #StoryTime

I’ve had my eye on these Giavito Rossi pumps for a few years. #YEARS  I’ve even purchased at least two pairs pre-loved (they didn’t fit).  I can’t bring myself to shell out the nearly $800 – mostly because the reviews are horrible.  But they are so beautiful.  #StunningReally


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I bought the ones above from Zara thinking this would scratch my itch.

They did.

Kind of.

What they really did was cement the idea that I loved the style (and probably made me love it even more).  Sadly, these were a half size too big so they never really solved the problem.  I finally admitted they were too big and sold them on eBay last year.  #ByeByeBeautifulDupe

And then Amazon entered the narrative.

The above shoes sat in my Amazon cart for months.  #MONTHS

So why didn’t I just spend the $50 and call it done?  I blame my conscious.

Conscious Consumption Challenges

Let me explain.

Ever since I read “Wardrobe Crisis” and started to learn more about the world of fast fashion I’ve been trying to be a more conscious consumer – especially when it comes to my wardrobe.  While I have always invested in the clothes in my closet and I keep them for years – I do occasionally fall victim to the impulse buy. And I will admit I sold more than one article of clothing New with Tags after my great closet clean-out (still ongoing BTW).  And I do still love Zara.  #SorryNotSorry

So despite the fact these shoes are a cheap dupe likely made in China under horrible working conditions and with no reciprocity toward the original designer – I bought them.  Actually, I technically bought two of them.  #GoBigOrGoHome

And I love them.  These are staying with me until they fall apart (which probably won’t be long given their lineage and my propensity for shoe abuse).  They are comfortable and beautiful and now mine.  Someday I will upgrade to the original … I promise.  #IKeepMyPromises

Now About The Shoes

As I noted earlier I actually bought two pairs.  I bought the patent in a size 9 (what I would consider my normal US size) and the suede in a 9.5 (my normal designer size).   The 9 will go on my foot and it isn’t unbearable but the 9.5 is more comfortable (without any heel slip).  As for finish, I prefer the the patent but the suede looks good too – I’m just more of a shiny shoes girl. There is nothing real on either the patent or the suede but both pull off their faux fabulously.  #WishEverythingDid

They came in a pretty pink box with heel adjusters and toe pads (and a rose).  #Random  The shoes did not smell of whatever plastic material they are made from.  They do not make my feet sweat horribly (there is actually have two little holes in the plexi probably designed to mitigate this effect).  For the price I paid I consider them well worth the investment.

Patent Size 9


Suede Size 9.5


Shop The Shoes

The come in about thirty different colors and prints (on a slow boat from China) but they are worth the wait.  If you can’t wait – certain sizes of the black (both suede and patent) are available via Prime with Free Shipping and Returns.  I ordered the Sammitop brand but the Edolf ones look very similar (with the same reviews) if you need more size or color options.  #GottaHaveOptions

Oh, and if 100mm heels are not your thing – they also come in a 65mm version and a slingback kitten heel.