I’ve been wearing white shoes non-stop lately.  I’m not sure when or how it started but I’m reaching for them all the time lately!  I love the crisp, polished look and the fact that you can pair them with anything.  No really, ANYTHING!!  So today I’m sharing with you how to wear white shoes .. all day, every day, all August long!!

Want to see how I’ve been styling my white shoes to fit any mood?  Keep scrolling (and no you don’t have to wear white to wear white shoes.)  #JustSaying

Styling White Shoes

The easiest way to style white shoes is with a crisp white blouse and a brightly colored bottom. The two whites balance each other and the color just adds fun!!  Choose any color for your pop (see more options below)!!  In the below feminine look I opted for lady-like tweed with cute, sparkly flower buttons for even more girly-girl effect.  #GoGirly

Ming Wang Blouse (shop similar below) | Zara Skirt (alternative) | BCBG Sandals (similar)

Or pair your white blouse with a patterned bottom.  For this corporate cool look I opted for classic pinstripes in navy and white with an oversize white blouse. #ModernCorporate

Lafayette 148 Blouse | Rag & Bone Simone Pants | Linea Paolo Flats (shop similar below)

Shop White Blouses

Want more white blouses … I give you twenty!!  #AllGood

You can add a little more interest to your look by picking a pattern that includes white.  For this preppy look I went with a striped button-down and modern khakis.  #UpgradedCoEd

J.Crew Stripe Shirt | MM.LaFluer Oshima Pants | Linea Paolo Flats (shop similar below)

Or pair the same shirt with a neutral colored satin skirt for a little juxtaposition.  #PreppyMeetFeminine

J.Crew Stripe Shirt | Target Skirt (similar) | BCBG Sandals (similar)

Shop Stripe Shirts

Because everyone should own a stripe blouse.  #EVERYONE

You don’t actually need to wear white clothes to wear white shoes.  Monotone outfits are a great way to be sure and draw attention to your shoes!!  Choose either feminine and flowing or minimalist cool!  #OrBoth

Ann Taylor Tank (similar) | Target Skirt (similar) | BCBG Sandals (similar)

VINCE Dress (Long Sleeve Version or several available here) | Linea Paolo Flats (shop similar below)

Take the monotone look one step further by adding a pop of color.  The way to ensure this works is to limit yourself to three colors.  I went with all black paired with a hot pink blazer and my white shoes for a throw back to the eighties vibe.  #GoRetro

Argent Blazer | DVF Blouse | Rag & Bone Jeans | Linea Paolo Flats (shop similar below)

This look is even bolder (if that’s possible) but still uses only three colors.  Color-block your top and bottom and then add white shoes.  I opted for black, purple and white!  #PowerOfThree

Emerson Fry Top | DVF Pants | Lineao Paolo Flats (shop similar below)

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Shop White Shoes

The two white shoes I’ve been wearing the most (and shown above) are sold out but I’ve found tons of great alternatives.  You will surely find one that catches your eye!!

Shop White Flats

Shop White Heels


I packed my white sandals this week for my trip (and I didn’t pack any white blouses) so expect to see a few more colorful white shoe looks this week on social media!!

Happy Shoesday!!