After my great closet clean-out I’ve been trying to add to my closet selectively and consciously.  I’ve also been trying to be more sustainable in my choices (as well as practical).  I have a list of pieces I am missing in my closet and I am really only shopping for those.  But I love trying new things and I had a few events on my schedule which required looks not currently in my closet.  I wanted to satisfy both of those needs without adding unnecessary bulk to my still exploding closet?  Enter ArmoireArmoire is a women’s rental clothing membership that continuously styles you with curated designer clothing.  Problem solved.  I could rent new pieces to try, looks for all the events on my calendar AND add nothing new to my closet!  #WinningAllAround

I actually reached out to Armoire after learning about their service to see if they would want to collaborate.  I was provided one month of their service in exchange for a review.  In my one month time I was able to try 8 pieces and I probably could have gotten in at least one more shipment but I had two unexpected trips rearrange my schedule.  My two cases included:  three dresses (two for events and one that I had been debating purchasing for awhile), three skirts (a flirty floral ruffle, an olive silk midi and track stripe pencil skirt) and two jackets (a fun poppy blazer and a white moto).  You can see a few of the ways I styled each of my pieces at the end but first let’s talk about the service!  #WhatAService

How It Works

The process is easy.  First complete a survey with examples of clothes you like (or don’t).  This helps Armoire learn your style preferences so your virtual closet is filled with only pieces you love.  Then scroll through your virtual closet and pick four items to be shipped.  Sizes range from 0 – 16 and their brands are some of my favorites (Boden, Reiss, Of Mercer … the list is fairly epic).  If you need something specific or don’t see what you are looking for ask a stylist for recommendations.  During my initial session I asked to see more business formal options and was provided 70 more pieces to pick from!!  Once your four pieces arrive, wear them as often as you like and then exchange one or all of using a pre-paid return bag.  Armoire handles the dry cleaning and shipping costs.  #EasyPeesy

Need more than four items or fall in love with one of the pieces?  Armoire accommodates with great membership perks:

  • Purchase items you love at discounted prices.  My discount purchase options ranged from 10 – 40%.
  • Add extra clothes to any shipment — 5, 6, 8 items, no problem.
  • Earn referral credits and share discounts with friends.
  • Change, cancel or hold your plan at any time with no additional fees.
  • Save with completely free dry cleaning and shipping.
  • Receive members-only gifts and invites to exclusive events.

The monthly cost is $149, very reasonable considering it completely eliminated my monthly dry cleaning bill as well as my need to buy two event specific dresses!  Use my referal link to save $100 off your first month (making your first case $49). #YourWelcome

Why Rent Your Clothes?

There are tons of sustainable reasons to rent clothing but if that isn’t your thing … then you might be asking if renting clothes is a good fit for you?  I can think of three types of closets that benefit from clothing rental …

  1. You are just starting to build up your work wear wardrobe.  It might be your first career or you are reentering the workforce after time away.  Maybe you recently gained or lost weight and your current work clothes don’t fit.  You might be switching to a more professional role.  Whatever the reason you need to build (or rebuild) your work wardrobe, renting is a good way to find pieces that work for your office or role.  Keep the pieces you love and return the ones you don’t. #NoCommitmentRequired
  2. If you already have a work wardrobe base this a great way to incorporate trends and colors without committing to owning them past the current season.  It’s also a great way to try new brands! #FindYourStyle
  3. Lastly, if you often need to purchase event or trip specific pieces that you only wear once.  Flying to Miami from Minnesota in January?  Get a breezy dress that you don’t even have to cart home – just ship the return from Miami.  Weekend black-tie event?  Wear a beautiful dress on Saturday and exchange for a blazer to wear on Thursday.  #YesShippingWasThisFast

As you can see the virtual closet concept works for anyone – no matter their current closet state.  I love that I got to try a few pieces I would never consider buying, a dress I was thinking about buying and some colorful and trendy jackets I don’t need to have in my closet a year from now.

My Armoire Looks

Here are my looks from the pieces I received during my first month.  This first dress was one of my networking looks!  The dress is memorable and I definitely made a statement.  #BeMemorable

This midi skirt was a workhorse for the few weeks that I had it.   It hindsight it might have been a good closet add!  #NextTime

This moto jacket helped me up my Friday casual look to something more office appropriate.  #MotoMondayonFriday

I’m not going to lie – it was really hard to send this beautiful Boden blazer back (say that three times fast).  The color was gorgeous and so fun but I also have so many similar pieces in my closet! #BodenBold

I paired this fun floral skirt with a white blazer and pumps for the office.  My picture was snapped later in the day while running errands thus the lack of blazer and pumps.  I ditched the blazer because it was 90 degrees and the pumps were exchanged for more errand friendly sneakers.  #StillWorks

More midi fun for a breakfast meeting followed by a visit to the orthopedic for my broken toe (thus the now famous white birkenstocks).

This post was written in exchange for one month of style services from Armoire but the opinions provided are one-hundred percent my own.  I have used several style services but I love Armoire for their depth of professional pieces and the focus on brands known to make boss babes look good!  If you want to try the service for yourself you can save $100 off your first month using my referal link (go ahead, up your boss wardrobe game).  #BeABossBabe