For today’s shoesday you get an Everlane Day Glove ReKnit Review.  The Everlane Day line of shoes have been on my radar for awhile.  They have flats and heels – both of which receive rave reviews from consumers – thus my intrigue. My hesitation has always been with the round toe (I’ve waxed poetic about my round-toe hang ups before).  But when they came out with the ReKnit I decided it was time to give it a go.  If you are a long time reader then you are already aware of my love for Rothy’s (start here if you aren’t).  This is Everlane’s version of a shoe made with 88% recycled materials (8 plastic bottles exactly) and was what got my attention.  Read their story. #SustainableFashion

Everlane Day Glove ReKnit Review

Comfort & Fit

So how do they stack up?  They are amazing.  If you thought Rothy’s were comfortable then you are in for a treat because these take it up another notch.  The knit upper is sock-like and completely molds to your foot. They truly fit like a glove (living up to their namesake).  The cushioned leather insole is refreshingly cushy (without being marshmallow-like) and the flexible out sole is meant for walking (I’ve tested airports and parks so far). I ordered a size 9 which I consider TTS.  Some reviews mentioned sizing down but I would absolutely not want to do that.  This might be in comparison to their leather counterparts (maybe folks size up for those).  #MysteryToMe

Attention to Details

The leather pull tab is the perfect heel accent and shows their attention to detail (those that dislike the Rothy’s blue band can appreciate this).  The colors are bright and fun and I might say the perfect selection.  They currently come in five colors (Black, White, Pink, Red and Yellow). I predict with such rave reviews there will be more color releases in the future. #BetOnIt

Travel Friendly

They are super lightweight and packable (even in my already stuffed TUMI backpack).  I breezed through Airport security without the dreaded shoe removal.  #AlwaysABonus


True to everything Everlane produces there is transparency in their supply chain and their pricing. Not only are water bottles repurposed the other materials are sustainably sourced. And as far as your economics … they are less than $100. #EveryoneWins

Room For Improvement

If I had to come up with a complaint it might be toward the styling.  The knit upper not only fits sock-like but looks a little sock-like.  Before leaving the house I did a get a comment from the mister about my slippers  – but strangers found them fabulous.  I might have to agree with the mister and say I do feel a little bit like I am wearing slippers – but really cool slippers.  I give the Rothy’s point a slight styling edge (probably because ‘m such a pointed toe girl) but if you are decidedly in the round-toe camp I don’t think you will even notice.  Your feet definitely won’t notice.  Actually your feet will be so comfortable they won’t care.  The Everlane’s win in the comfort department for sure!!  #Handsdown
The last comparison point is their care – since they are knit-like I am worried they are going to show dirt eventually and with a leather insole and heel accent they cannot just be tossed in the washer (I did email Everlane to confirm).  They recommend to freshen them up with Seventh Generation wipes when necessary.  Perhaps version 2.0 can have a removable insole and replace the leather heel tab with something washing machine friendly.  #MyTwoCents

My Day Glove ReKnit Styling

You must forgive the airport bathroom selfies but that is where they were road tested.  Even with my broken toe I could wear these.  I tested them as I traveled from DC to San Diego for work and they were absolutely winners.  Of course it helped that I had a killer matching jacket (more to come on that in Thursday’s post).
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