This sale wasn’t originally on my radar – usually the good Spring sale comes closer to Memorial Day and the unofficial start of summer.  I saw a notice this was coming last week and still didn’t really take note.  I only had a few items on my shopping list and even fewer sitting in my cart (read what I mean here).  But in an idle moment yesterday, I opened the app and started browsing the sale.  Nordstrom often starts trickling in sale items the day before the official start of the sale (insider tip number one) so the early bird gets more scores.  This sale is good.  #GoodSuprise

What I Purchased

While browsing for a new navy silk blouse (one of the items on my must-get list) I stumbled across all the Ted Baker fabulousness in the sale.  It’s been awhile since I’ve made a good Ted purchase and I more than made up for lost time yesterday.  I also purchased two sizes in most of the pieces (insider tip number two).  The last thing you want to discover is the skirt you love is too small but is now sold out in your size – better to return the one that didn’t fit (free shipping and free returns really seals that deal).  #GiveYourselfOptions

Lace Blouse | Lace Skirt | Sheath Dress | Navy Top | Stripe Pants | Stripe Blouse 

You are about to see a theme in the pieces that purchased (remember I was looking for a new navy blouse).  I found all these lovely blouses that all seem to have so much potential and with the exception of the two silk ones they were all under $50 (some well under).  These could all be easily styled with suits and pencil skirts to head to the office or wide leg trousers for an easy-breezy brunch look.  #SoMuchPotential

Stripe Blouse | Faux Wrap | Lewit Blouse | Equipment Blouse | V-Neck Stripes | Perfect T

Continuing my navy theme I grabbed a few more pieces; a loose jacket, a structured blouse, a shell and the J.Crew perfect t-shirt (named so for a reason) and I also grabbed another pair of one of my favorite jeans (for less than $30).  #YouReadThatRight

Flowy Jacket | Crepe Blouse | BOSS Blouse | STS Denim | Blue Shell | Perfect T

More Spring Sale Finds

After checkout yesterday, I did spend time this morning going through more of the sale.  If you are on the hunt for designer denim, the Frame game is strong (and bargain priced) with tons of choices (109 items).  They also had several good blazers mixed in with the denim.  BOSS had several good pieces if your work wear staples need an upgrade (103 to be precise).

I find the best way to shop the sale is to pick a category or brand, filter by your size (and price if that matters) and scroll through to see what grabs you (insider tip number three).

I also saw some pieces already in my closet now on sale like this J.Crew Field Jacket, these Top Shop heels (now under $40), my beloved Ted Baker heels and these Tory Burch ones I purchased earlier this week.

Happy Sale Shopping