It is a question that I get frequently?  How do you style your Rothy’s for work? I don’t wear them everyday – and I am more likely to wear them traveling than to the office – but Rothy’s can easily be incorporated in a business casual work place.  I have also worn them with a suit … it just isn’t my norm (see pictures in the gallery at the end for at least one example).  To help you with style ideas, I picked one color currently available from each style (round, point and loafer) and created two workplace appropriate looks.  At the end of the post you will also find a full gallery of all my Rothy’s looks.  Some are work appropriate and some are weekend only – choose which works for you!  Either way there are tons of ways to wear Rothy’s!  Want your own pair?

Styling the Round

For the round I had to pick the blue spotted leopard.  I’m sorry but they are just too cool!!  If they were available in the point I would own them a minute.  #MakeThatASecond

Image: @Rothys

For styling I opted to include one of Springs hottest colors – Marigold!  You are going to be seeing lots of this color!!  Choose either the pricier Veronica Beard blazer or the more budget friendly Topshop one!  #BothWork

Veronica Beard Blazer | Rails Pants | Joie Shell | Bow Tote | Rothy’s

Topshop Blazer | Topshop Pants | Polka Dot Shell | Cross body Clutch | Rothy’s

Styling the Point

The point is my favorite.  I currently own seven? pairs of Rothy’s shoes and four of them are points.  I have them in TTS as well as a half size up and I’m on the fence about which I prefer – sizing can vary by color.  I have neon camo, black cap toe, marigold and black and white python. but I’ve had my eye on these persimmon ones since last fall so they may be a Spring add to my collection!!  #AlwaysAdding
Image: @Rothys

For styling I opted for a contrasting blue/green hue which really lets the orange color pop!!  Again choose the investment Reiss and Alice + Olivia option or go with the more budget friendly Halogen pick.  I also love these floral pants which coordinate perfectly!!  #AllWins

Gucci Purse | Alice + Olivia Pants | Reiss Silk Blouse | Rothy’s

Topshop Clutch | Halogen Pants | Halogen Blouse | Rothy’s

Styling Loafers

Until I tried the sneakers the loafers were my second favorite profile.  I don’t wear them to the office as I find them too casual for my workplace but I do wear them tons on the weekend and for travel.  If I worked in a less conservative world though, below is how I would style the Red Camo Loafer to go to work!

Image: @Rothys

I love the camo mixed with stripes (you saw similar on Tuesday with my sneaker looks).  Whether it is a body-hugging dress or a button down blouse, both work!!  #MoreStripesPlease

Topshop Blazer | Statement Necklace | Rothy’s | Stripe Dress

Stripe Blouse | Rothy’s | Marc Jacobs Purse | Wide Leg Pants (I just added these fabulous pants to my closet so look for even more styling ideas soon!!)

Rothy’s Sneakers Styled

For ideas on how to style the sneakers see my most recent Rothy’s review.  I won’t wear these to the office but they have weekends and travel days written all over them and the review has a two more looks for styling ideas.  #StillWearingStripes

My Rothy’s Style

Here is a gallery of every possible look (that I photographed) while wearing Rothy’s. Some are work and some are weekend. #AllOverTheMap Here is a gallery of every possible look (that I photographed) while wearing Rothy’s. Some are work and some are weekend. #AllOverTheMap

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Curious? Want to try a pair for yourself? They are currently only sold online or in their store in San Francisco. Discount codes are available to save $20 of your first purchase.  I no longer give out my discount code publicly but if you would like to save $20 of your first purchase and you follow me on social media drop me a message and I’m happy to share!

Struggling to decide between style? See my original review of the points or see a see a round versus point comparison. There is also a loafer review.

The opinions posted here are solely my own and I was not compensated in any manner for this review.