It is time for another Rothy’s review …  as long as they keep making new styles, I will keep writing reviews. I love my Rothy’s. If you have never seen my original review for the point, you should start there.  If you are curious about the sizing for the round toe Rothy, I have one for those too.  Loafer lover … yep that one’s been done.  Today I’m talking about the most recent style addition to their collection, the sneaker.  It isn’t a shoe for the office but since you seem to love your Rothy’s as much as I do … today I bring you a Rothy’s sneaker review.  #ReviewRoundup

Why Rothys

Rothys were first introduced when the market for sustainable, ethical, and minimalist fashion was on the rise – it still is.  You’ve heard me talk about this on the blog before.  Rothy’s was one of the first sustainable brands I promoted.  Since their launch, Rothy’s has gone from creating dainty women’s flats made from recycled water bottles—to a full line of colorful shoes that pop up constantly on social media feeds.  First came The Flat ($125) and The Point ($145). Then the company rolled out The Loafer ($165) and a line of girl’s flats ($65). It opened its first brick-and-mortar store in San Francisco earlier this year. And lastly, the Sneaker ($125), a sturdier slip-on made from the same sustainable materials as the other shoes.  It’s a slip-on, similar to the silhouettes of Rothy’s earlier shoes, with the same sock-like fit.   Like all of Rothy’s shoes, The Sneakers are made primarily from a proprietary material made from plastic water bottles that get broken into chips, pulverized into beads, and finally converted into a yarn which gets fed into a 3-D knitting machine.  Not only are they made from recycled materials but they can be recyclable at the end of life.  #RecyledAndRecyclable

My Rothy’s Sneakers

As you can see from the choices above they come in so many colors!!  I’ve had mine for awhile so this color is not currently available – the choices are always changing.  The review has taken awhile to write because the the weather wasn’t cooperating enough to really get to wear them … maybe if Rothy’s made boots!  I do find that Rothy’s are shoes that are better suited to our Spring and Summer weather.  This past weekend, however, I was in Baltimore for my Dad’s annual art show trip and I saw it as the perfect opportunity to test wear them around the Baltimore convention center for three days!  I would also be on my feet for most of the day so it would be a true comfort test!  Almost like walking through airports or spectating at some sporting event.  #TravelLife #MomLife

These sneakers delivered.  No they actually overachieved.  Not only were they extremely comfortable but they were stylish enough to fit in with “artsy” crowd.  My shoes received almost as many comments as my Dad’s art work.  #NotReally

My Rothy’s Sneaker Review

The Rothy’s Sneaker fabric is made of the same stretchy recycled plastic fiber that we all know and love. Like all of Rothy’s shoes, these are comfortable right out of the box—no break-in period.  #TestedTrue

I was surprised at the thickness of the sole, which you can clearly see in the photos. No need to worry about the soles wearing thin thats for sure! I was so used to the thinner soles of the other Rothy’s styles that this took me by surprise.  These are much more elevated that the flats and it took a moment to adjust.

When I first put them on I thought they felt like little pillows for my feet.   I ordered my normal size which is how I wear the rounds and some of my points (I size up a half size in the loafers and some point colors).

I’ve tried VINCE Slip-ons, Kate Spade, Steve Madden and probably at least 10 others (but those are the three currently in my closet) and the Rothy’s are the most comfortable ones I have put on my feet.  They are not heavy like some pairs (aka as Steve Madden) and there was no break in required (aka Kate Spade).

Bottom line – I love them!!  These are decidedly not office shoes but they are awesome for weekends.  Once Spring is in full bloom they will go to soccer meets and swim practice and anywhere else I find myself on a Saturday.  I’m still on the fence whether I like the loafers or the sneakers better – they kind of serve the same purpose in my world – but I’m thinking the sneakers may just edge out the loafers.  #ForReal

Rothy’s Sneaker Sizing Details

As I noted above, I ordered them TTS.  I find the fit to be most comparable to my VINCE Slip-ons.  In fact they look a lot like my favorite Vince sneakers but with the added benefit of being machine washable and sustainable.  I found them neither too wide or too narrow.  My feet slip easily in and out of the shoes.  After 3 days and more than 30,000 steps I consider them a real win!!  They have definitely earned a place in my closet!!

How to Style Rothy’s Sneakers

These really can be worn with anything it is up to your personal style and comfort level.  At the art show, I wore them with denim one day and a tulle skirt the next and they worked equally well with both!  #YouDoYou

J.Crew Button Down | J.Crew Sweater | Rag & Bone Denim

Equipment Sweater | Tulle Skirt

Get Your Own Pair

Curious? Want to try a pair for yourself? They are currently only sold online or in a few stores.  Discount codes are available to save $20 of your first purchase.

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