My original BetaBrand Yoga Dress Pants review was a reader request.  This new review is simply because my original review is my MOST READ POST.  Apparently this is a topic people care A LOT about!!  If you haven’t read the original review you might want to start there.  If you would rather have a brief summary … I was a skeptical convert that fell in love. That was one year ago.  As I mentioned in my first review – I had wanted to try other sizes and styles to really get a feel for the brand.  After at least 85 of you lovely ladies purchased pants based on my recommendation I had enough account credit to purchase two new pairs.

But what to purchase.  After gaining a few pounds over the Holidays it was no time like the present to try the next size up (and what the size charts originally recommended I purchase but ignored).  I also wanted to try the regular length since the tall was insanely long.  I opted for two different styles:  the Boot Cut and the Palazzo both in a Regular/Medium.  In hindsight, I again question my size choices for my order – I should have ordered the original pair in a size Regular/Medium.  More on why in a minute.

BetaBrand Review – The GOOD

I like the Boot Cut as a nice change of style!

I love the pinstripe options and all the new color choices (although if you only buy one – black is still the winner).

They are still as comfortable as my first pair.  Perfect for travel days and conferences where you are seeking massive comfort.

They are still 100% washable (no dry cleaning required).  Just don’t dry them.

Curious?  Want to try a pair for yourself?  They are currently only sold in their San Francisco store or online, if you use this link you can save $15 off your first purchase ($75 or more). #winning

BetaBrand Review – The BAD

My original pants are nice and thick and I don’t worry they are too legging like for the office.  I cannot say the same for the two new pairs.  I wouldn’t call them thin … I just wouldn’t call them thick.   They also have a sheen that is not prevalent in my original pair.  #OnTheFence

My original pair does not stretch as I wear them. #NoSaggyKnees (#OrButt).  I cannot say the same for my new Boot Cut Pair.  I had noticeable knees with a couple of hours.  #GRR  I didn’t wear the Palazzo ones for long enough to make a determination.

I did not wash either of the new pairs for comparison because I returned them.  I might have exchanged the Boot Cut Pair for a Small/Tall but they did not have the print I wanted.

The only other bad in my review is the print at the “pockets” doesn’t match.  It is minor detail but I’m a stickler for details.  If you are going to put the fake pocket and you are going to use prints, then make them match.  This isn’t a show stopper but it would have been a nice detail.  #DetailsMatter

Size Matters

Now the sizing issue I mentioned … for reference I have a 28″ waist and 38″ hips which puts me solidly in a Medium based on their size charts.  I’m taller (5’8″) with longer legs (I typically like a 33″ inseam for heels).  For my first pair I ordered Small/Tall and they fit great, however, I often wondered if the Medium would fit better (my Smalls are snug but not comfortable).  My original pair also had to be hemmed.  This time I opted for Medium/Regular.  I choice wisely the first time.  The mediums are noticeably loose (even with my extra holiday pounds) and the length only always me to wear them with kitten heels.  #No3InchPumps

As I noted above, to truly compare size and quality one year later I should have ordered the same pants again in both a Small and a Medium.  I didn’t do that so it is hard for me to say if the size and quality changes are systemic or simply a one-off.  I can say my original pair is still going strong one year later and they look no worse for wear than the day I bought them!! As for the new ones, they were returned to sender.  #VerdictOut

Boot Cut versus Palazzo

I definitely prefer the Boot Cut over the Palazzo. The palazzo was just a little too much flare for me.  Perhaps because I lived through the 70’s and I’m not ready to return?  The boot cut was plenty of flare (see the first picture above) and a nice change from the standard style!  #ChooseYourFlare

Styling BetaBrand Dress Yoga Pants

I’ve tucked blouses in and left them untucked.  They have been paired with sweaters, blazers and blouses all successfully.  These pants are as easy to style as traditional pants.

My blazer preference for these pants is a more boyfriend style which is currently trending anyway.  This gives booty coverage and I think makes them look more professional but I did pair them with my notch blazer and silk blouse and felt just fine and formal enough.  #PersonalPreference My 9 to 5 Shoes My 9 to 5 Shoes

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The opinions posted here are solely my own and I was not compensated in any manner for this review. If you use my link to purchase a pair of Betabrand Pants (or shoes or whatever strikes your fancy), you will save $15.