It’s Sunday.  It’s late.  I get it.  For me to post on a Sunday evening you know this has to be good!  I put together a quick review and picks from the Halogen X Atlantic-Pacific Collection just for you.  #YourWelcome  The what you ask?  Tomorrow morning Blair Eadie is launching a collaboration collection with Nordstrom.  First, let me be clear, I am a harsh critic when it comes to the Nordstrom collaborations and I typically only find a piece or two that I like.  Not this one.  This one is good! #ReallyGood

If you don’t follow @blaireadiebee on Instagram, you should.  She has such a fun style that can absolutely go to the office or the theater or simply the grocery store!  I promise her style will simply make you smile!  And she is one of the few fashionistas I know that loves color as much as I do!!

But back to the important thing … the collection. #SoGood

The Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific capsule collection has sizes ranging from 00-24, with prices from $39-$250.  It includes apparel, footwear, and accessories.

All this month on her Instagram Blair has been revealing and styling pieces from the collection.  Even better, this morning I was able to get a preview of part of the collection during the Nordstrom Rewards party at my local store. #IconPrivileges

A Review and Picks from the Halogen X Atlantic-Pacific Collection from Nordstrom

The didn’t have any of the shoes at my store but that is where I’m starting.  #OfCourse

The Shoes

There are seven total in the collection.  I wanted them all.  #BuyingFive

The Baroques (or Oxford Flatform) come in three colors (Navy, Blush and Silver) and I was so torn on which color to choose.  Since I already have Rose Gold ones I went with Classic Navy!  You can never go wrong with Classic Navy (and such a practical form factor).

The Flat Mary Jane also comes in three colors (Glitter, Black and Tweed).  Again the challenge with decisions.  I again went classic (Black).  I promise I branched out with the others.

The Bow Pump comes in two colors and I had to go with the Tweed.  (Which is the only reason I didn’t get the Flat Mary Jane in the Tweed).

The Perfect Heeled Mule.  So cute with the pearl button.  I did not get the mule because I find them mostly impractical (I’m on my feet tons and I walk a lot).  I want shoes that are going to stay where intended.  But they are gorgeous if mules are your thing!  #LotsOfPeoplesThing

The Colorblock Slingback is the perfect work wear shoe.  I had to go with the Black and Navy color blocking because it just such a rare but perfect find.  But the other two colorways were equally tempting.  #LoveBlackAndBlue

The Glitter Bootie was just too much to resist.  I can’t wait to wear this to every Holiday event this season.  This one just makes me smile!!  It also comes in black.  #PickGlitter #PleaseInviteMeToYourParty

The last one is a Strappy Sandal and while I love a strappy sandal as much as the next person the others were just so much better!!  #IStoppedAtFive

The Clothes

With tons of really good options I hardly know where to begin.  Luckily (or not – still deciding) my store did not have the full collection so it made it easier to begin.  These are the pieces I tried in store with sizing notes and thoughts.

The Midi Coat

This Midi Coat is so good.  I love the longer length and it is the perfect weight.  I am wearing a six which I consider a size up because I wanted to be able to wear jackets and sweaters under.  The four was snug and the eight was too big.  I really wanted the Mint but my store had the plaid and I fell in love.  It also so happens that I spilled coffee all over it so I kinda guaranteed I was taking it home.  I should thank the coffee for making the decision for me.  I have plans to buy the coordinating scarf and belt (see accessories below) as well.

Metal Button Skirt & Stripe Lurex Sweater

The Metal Button Skirt had me with its dense weave …. and then there was the buttons.  The fact it matches the jacket (further down) isn’t why it came home. I found the jacket long after I fell in love with the skirt.  TTS.

The Stripe Lurex Sweater is also available in solids (pink, blue, and black) but I love the Navy Rainbow.  It is super soft and form fitting.  I am wearing a Small and find this TTS.  I like this one so much I will probably order one of the solid colors as well.  #TwelveHoursToChoose

The Blazer

This Blazer is so good that I already bought it in two colors (plaid and navy) and fully intend to order the lavender.  It is a great weight and length (I’m loving the longer blazer trend).  The navy is a blazer I could literally wear everyday while the other two colorways are a little more trendy.  I am wearing a small and find it TTS.

The Plaid Blazer is paired here with the Faux Wrap Top.  I wasn’t a fan of the top as it seemed to gap easily.  The small was a touch too short in the sleeves for me and I did not try a medium for comparison.  The material would also not have been my first choice.   #BetterChoices

Pink Layered Tulle Skirt

Does it get any more fun or girly than this Pink Layered Tulle Skirt.  So adorable.  Also comes in a Dot Version and then you can even add extra Tulle Slips for even more flounce.  As impractical as this seems I’m a Tulle lover and I love this piece.  I actually wore it all day Sunday … first to Lunch and then to a Seven Year Old Birthday Party.  #TalkOfTheParty

How good is this skirt?  I sent the above picture to my husband as I was preparing to meet him (and the boys) for lunch today.

Me:   Can I wear this?

Him:  Oh, please do.

So I did.  And little man was so excited about the skirt I asked him if I could wear it to his party.  He, of course said yes.  So I did.  #MyChild

Lurex Dot Sweater

The Lurex Dot Sweater wasn’t at the top of my list.  I found it a little stiff and slightly itchy and I just loved the striped one so much more.  It does look adorable with so many pieces in the collection though.

Stripe Turtleneck

This Stripe Turtleneck sweater is super soft and extremely cozy.  It seems like it will make a great layering piece.  I am wearing a Small but looking at the pictures I maybe should have tried the XS.  I am excited to pair this one with the Lavender Blazer.  This is the only piece I purchased where I am slightly worried about the quality.  #TooSoftToLeave

Button Blazer

This is the Jacket I didn’t know I needed until I put it on.  I was actually trying it on for Kate (@HauteNavy) and then I had to get it for myself.  It is meant to match the skirts (above) but I’m not sure I will ever pair the two together.  This one is lovely enough on its own.  I debated on sizing up and actually brought two sizes home.  I am wearing the 4 here which I would consider TTS.  If you like things roomier or will wear heavier layers then I would size up.  #StillDeciding

Pleated Colorblock Skirt

I found this Pleated Colorblock Skirt when I went looking for the jacket for Kate.  I love the double green and black combination and this will colorblock nicely with so many top options.  There is also a dress.  I am wearing a Small and find this TTS.


There are tons of fun extras you can add but these are the ones that caught my eye.

Reversible Scarf

While I would normally debate which color, I have to get the Reversible Scarf to match my new plaid coat of course.  #Duh

Wide Belt

This Wide Belt will not only go with the skirt, but over the jacket and with the blazers.   This will become a work horse in my closet.  I am getting the pink.  #NotEnoughPink

Faux Fur Colorblocked Wrap

Faux Fur in fun colors.  Say that three times fast and then buy all three colorways.  Because they are all good.  And it will get cold.  #WinterComesEveryYear


Every year I hunt for a good Navy Tight.  Most years I fail.  Not this year … Aimee 1, Tights 0.  I will probably by several pairs.  #FourorMaybeFive

Based on all the hype on Instagram and the responses I’ve seen … this is one collection that will likely sell out.  If you have your eye on something you really want, I would be clicking ‘Buy Now’ at 9:00 AM.  #PlaidCoatForExample

I know I will be there buying all the shoes …. and the lavender blazer … and my scarf … and the belt … and the tights … you get the idea (and then I will fix all the links)!  #IHaveMyPriorities

Happy Shopping!!