This post is a little bit personal / blog update (thus the title “My 9 to 5 Shoes Modified“) and a little bit weekend sales roundup with some fabulous finds (if I do say so myself). #BragMuch

Me … Modified

First up, the personal update …

So I finally did that thing that’s been noodling around in my head for more than a year now. #whatsthatyouask

I quit my corporate job. #Yep

Wow. That was so much easier to type than I thought it would be. It’s done. It’s actually been done for a few weeks now but I needed a chance to better understand my new normal before typing it in black and white. #NormalIsGood

Let me clarify. I am still working. I am just no longer working for a large company. I’ve opted to switch to a small consulting firm (and by small I mean two people counting yours truly). It’s only been a few weeks but I already know this is one of the best decisions I’ve made this year (on par with buying the Tibi outfit from the Nordstrom sale). #YesThatGood

I am no longer stressed about odd, mostly irrelevant semi-work related things, I am actually less stressed than I’ve been in years. I no longer travel on anyone else’s terms but my own. I haven’t been on a plane in nearly three weeks. I’m not focused on pleasing leadership but rather clients (I guess since I’m technically leadership now I’m focused on that too but its different).  I’m helping clients solve problems, grow their business and basically doing what I love. #FollowYourPassion

Why do you care?  Other than to offer congratulations, obviously …. ?

My 9 to 5 Shoes Modified

There may be a few changes here at My 9 to 5 Shoes.

I think most of the changes, however, you will find for the better. I am still going to wear suits and dress formal for meetings but you may see a slightly more casual side for travel days, working from home days and Fridays without meetings. #HelloDenimWhereHaveYouBeenAllMyLife

Even though there may be a few less suits, there will be more frequent blog posts. No more going a month without posting (Sorry September). I will have more time to write and shoot and you will get to reap (read) the benefits.  I’m already half way through a great month of planned October content and the ideas just keep rolling in! If you have a fashion challenge, send it my way … you may just inspire a post!! #StyleChallenge

So aside from a few less suits, a few more casual days and a lot more content you shouldn’t see anything different. Same colorful, classically edgy style. Same dry humor. Same hashtag wit. #Enough

Let’s just toast to a new blog chapter that we can all enjoy together! #DryMartiniToast

And if you were just here for the weekend sales round up … without further ado …


Womens Sarana Leather Biker Jacket (black) - Image 2

AllSaints – Take 40% off + 25% off sale.  I ordered this leather jacket but I’m also a huge fan of their parkas.