I am always amazed at the number of women who tell me work wear is boring!  Really?  I disagree!  Work wear can be just as fun as weekend wear, you just need to learn to interject your personality.  One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is with your accessories.  I mix up my glasses and jewelry … and of course my shoes.  #AlwaysTheShoes  I’ve done this exercise before, showing how simply changing your shoes will change an outfit’s entire look (read examples for the office or the weekend).  For today’s post I took one suit, three Fall shoe trends and am showing you how to style them for the office. #SuitOnRepeat

One Suit

I picked this red TopShop suit because of its gorgeous Fall color and also its affordability.  During the Anniversary sale I was able to snag the full suit for under $100.  #NeverHappens

I’ve linked several other red suit options but the shoe trends will work with ANY color suit!  #YesANY #TrustMe

Three Fall Shoe Trends

Leopard Shoes

When I first shared these shoes on my Instagram stories they created quite the stir.  I concur.  They are VERY stir-worthy.  I love a good leopard but add a red ribbon and some studs, and well, SWOON is the only word.  These are the very definition of statement shoe.  Wear these the next time you need a confidence boost because I guarantee heads will turn (and compliments will flow).  The red ribbon means they pair flawlessly with the red suit, if you are opting for a different color suit then I would opt for leopard minus the ribbon (unless it coordinates). #OptLeopardThough

You can also achieve the same effect with snakeskin if leopard isn’t your thing.  #MakeItYourThing

These are an older pair from J.Crew but there is a suitable alternative here or here.

White Booties

You’ve seen me wear my white boots all spring and summer long and I have no intent of ditching them now that Fall has arrived.  In fact, I’m so in love with this trend that I actually ordered a second pair.  My new pair is creamier and feels a little less trendy and more timeless.  Perfect to pair with my more formal work attire. #LoveEverLane


Plaid on Repeat

Plaid is going to be everywhere this Fall.  You could opt for a traditional plaid suit or blazer to embrace the trend but I think on your feet is a very fun way to mix plaid into a formal look.  For my footwear here, I opted for boots but you could also use oxfords or slingbacks.  I’ve shared at least two other pairs of plaid boots (or here) previously and a lovely pair of Jeffrey Campbell OxfordsThese boots are from Target and happen to be a mere $38.  They are also the most comfortable of all the pairs I’ve tried. #Winning