The Dog Days of Summer continue with more stripes.  Yesterday was the skirt and today I bring you a stripe Maxi Dress … accompanied by a handful of blurry/grainy pictures of me and my husband!  #ThatsJustGreat

Today’s Dog Day look is really the Maxi Dress (mine just happens to have stripes) … but it also comes with a story.  #Enjoy

True Story

Every spring we attend a concert hosted by our financial planner.  Every spring, for as long as were were going, I wore the same striped Maxi Dress .  Two years ago, after realizing I always wore the same dress, I decided to mix it up and I bought a new dress.  After the event, my Facebook “On this Day” Memories of the concert the previous year reminded me of my old dress.  I had basically purchased the same striped dress.  #IfItAintBroke

For our event this year, for the first time ever, it was too cold to wear a dress.  It was pouring rain and cold and I wore jeans with a sweater (if you guessed the sweater was black and white striped then you know me too well!).  #CreatureOfHabit

The best picture I have is of us buried in raincoats … I could actually be wearing anything!!

Although you can see a hint of the sweater in this way too close selfie …

Fast Forward to Today

Tonight we heading to the concert venue to take the boys to see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban accompanied by the National Symphony Orchestra.  Since my striped Maxi Dress has now become my venue uniform … I give you one guess what what I will be wearing.  I will post verification later tonight on Instagram Stories.

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My dress is from Anthropologie from a few years ago but there are tons of similar options whether you want color or black and white!

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Stripes and Maxi Dresses are a match made in heaven but they are not a requirement.  There are plenty of viable non-stripe options to pick from too!