I recently spent one week in Omaha for work (and play)! This wasn’t a normal work trip … Omaha was where I was born and I have family still there so the trip had a lot more fun than work!!  If you have never been, Omaha is great place to visit and there is tons to see and do.  My top recommendation would be the zoo. I didn’t go this trip because I’ve been several times but it is one of the top in the Nation.

Omaha Style

Omaha style can be summed up with three words: sundresses, stripes and sandals. To be fair, it was wicked hot so you’d be crazy to want to wear much else! I had lunch downtown each day and I was able to observe lots of locals on their lunch break. I also enjoyed Friday afternoon at the Summer Arts Festival and all the fine people watching this event offered.  Folks in the Midwest do not fear color! Their summer dresses covered the rainbow (as did their hair and nails)!

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Summer Sundresses

On Their Feet

The sandal winner was hands down the Birkenstock. So many Birkenstocks! I’m going to have to join the bandwagon … these are the pair I just ordered to pick up today.  Perfect for Saturday’s at the pool!  #PickPink

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Birkenstock Style

My Midwest Style

For this trip I heeded the warnings of the weatherman and embraced the style of the locals and packed ALL dresses for the week.  I managed to cram seven dresses into my tiny little TUMI.  I did traveled in pants (cold airplanes dictate this necessity) and I also wore them one evening but otherwise it was all dresses all the time.  Scroll through to see my daily looks.

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Where to Eat

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Downtown Omaha has its fair share of quality dining. The Old Market (the historic warehouse district) offers the most interesting venues and was walkable from my hotel.  Here are all the places I sampled during my week long stay.

M’s Pub

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My9to5shoes.com My 9 to 5 Shoes

M’s Pub is a landmark in the old market.  It has been there since 1972 and I used to go to there for special occasions growing up!  It was closed for a short while due to a fire in January of 2016 but is once again open and serving fabulous food.   Their focus is classic dishes but they always have unique specials to keep in interesting.

Wicked Rabbit

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Frequently referred to as one of Omaha’s hidden gems, Wicked Rabbit is a modern speak-easy.   They were completely unknown to me and I stumbled upon truly Ala Alice in Wonderland style.  While traveling I often visit liquor stores to find local or hard to find bourbons.  I ended up at the Looking Glass Liquor store after dinner one evening but don’t be confused by the liquor store facade.  There is a speak-easy hidden behind a secret door in the liquor store .  The bar has a vast collection of spirits – I was there for the Bourbon and they didn’t disappoint!!  Apparently you will need a secret passphrase … I would check out their Facebook page for details because they have no website.

Chop House

It’s Nebraska.  You need to eat meat.  This is the place to do this!  The martinis weren’t too bad either!!


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One of my favorite places to grab a beer and grub with seasonal brews along with their notable stand by and a menu that doesn’t disappoint!

El Basha Mediterranean Grill

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I’m always looking for yummy Greek Salads and this one didn’t disappoint!  El Basha Mediterranean Grill was not downtown but was totally worth the drive!!

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