Today’s Warm Weather & Cold Office post was written after sitting in an arctic cave for three hours preparing and presenting a webinar.  The room was already freezing when I entered and the AC continued to blow the entire time.  It took me nearly two hours to thaw and I wasn’t dramatically under dressed.  I was wearing pants (thankfully) and a 3/4 sleeve silk blouse.  It was 85 outside.

So how do you cope with these vast temperature variances while still looking stylish?  Light summer shirts and really cool layers!!!

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Jackets for the “Cold”

This is by far my favorite way to warm up.  I look for pieces that provides visible interest; you don’t want to look like Grandma waiting out a storm.    Sometimes “interesting” comes in the form of drapey asymmetrical pieces, other times it is an interesting texture.

Moto Jacket from Zara (similar) | Dress (similar) | Topshop BlazerBlush Tank | Crop Jeans | Sandals 

This blazer is similar to my jacket above.  I have this in red and wear it tons.  Its not only a great transitional piece it also helps keep you warm in cold office areas.  This piece really is ALL season.  It is currently available in 5 colors and you can find it at both Nordstrom and J.Crew (currently on sale).

This waterfall jacket is similar to my blush jacket above but longer.  I love the neutral color and the flowy lines.  This is a piece I would pair with dresses, skirts or pants!

I am not above wearing a jacket all day.  I love the color and the classic shape of this one!  This comes in four colors and is currently 25% off!

This one is just plain fun.  If you want to make a statement while staying warm then this is the layer for you!!  This one just went in my cart!!

This is the blazer I am wearing above.  This looks way more expensive than its $75 and I wear it tons!  It’s already in my suitcase for my trip to Boston tomorrow!

Similar to mine but more grey than taupe and a nice light linen.  It is an investment piece but this is the perfect summer layer that will last for years.

This linen piece is perfect for adding just a touch of warmth and comes in such a great neutral color.  The shorter length is also great for showing off your waist so it will work with fuller skirts and dresses.

Cropped Sweaters for the “Cold”

Sometimes finding layers to pair with dresses can be challenging.  I find cropped sweaters a great solution to this challenge!  It can also be a little Jackie-O (as the J.Crew sweater is appropriately named) and who doesn’t think she is a style icon?  I have had several of these over the years but I couldn’t find one currently stashed away in my closet.  Time to invest!!

This cropped cardigan is meant to be paired with your suit dresses.  BOSS never disappoints in the quality and fit!

For $34 I can leave this bolero hanging on the back door of my office for any unexpected AC emergencies.  Eliza J for the win!!

Another great leave at the office for emergencies layer … and on sale for $25 … how can you not?  #JackieOStyle

Another short bolero like option currently on sale for $15 from Target.

Cardigans for the Cold

Disclaimer:  I am not really a cardigan person. I tend to reach for other pieces to solve my chills as I prefer more tailored looks. 

I have a few (three to be exact).  Two of these were purchased while traveling when I encountered cold training rooms or conference centers and hadn’t come prepared.  I included the three cardigans currently in my closet and a few other options because I know that people love and swear by them.  And sometimes they do come in VERY handy.  #NecessarilyEvil

Emerson Rose Cardigan | Black Ted Baker Heels | Navy Cardigan | Midi Skirt (similar) | Blush Tank | Nude Ted Baker Heels

This Nic + Zoe cardigan is a touch sheer which makes it almost disappear.  I like that.  It’s lightweight and very packable making it easy to toss in a bag for a conference or meeting.

As seen above with the color block dress.  This cardigan is great for midi dresses and can also be belted to look a little more structured.  I love the clean lines (no pockets) and thick weave.  I am wearing this one today!!

This is the Navy cardigan shown tucked in above. I love a piece that can multitask and you can’t beat the price on this one!!

This is similar to my jacket but cardigan style.  I love the color and the texture (it also comes in two other colors).

This cardigan is a less expensive version of my black one.  The key for longer cardigans is NO POCKETS!  What are you going to put in those pockets anyway? If you have to have pockets then try this Madewell one that is now 35% off.

Blanket Scarfs and Wraps for the “Cold”

I am not above a “blanket” for those insanely cold environments.  There are lots of blanket style scarves (which I frequently travel with) perfect for those situations.

I love the texture and the black and white color combination of this scarf.

With a pop of pastel and neutral grey this blanket scarf from Madewell is perfect for Spring.

For only $40 this multi-season scarf with keep you warm all year round.

Half poncho, half scarf either way it’s full of perfect neutrals to pair with any outfit.

Toss this scarf in your carry on or desk drawer and your covered for any drafty situations (for a mere $15).  Another Target win!

Stay warm this summer ladies!!