Strappy Sandals for Spring

Every day this week I am featuring a new office appropriate Spring Trend (yesterday was Gingham).  Since today is Shoesday I’m focused on shoes – strappy sandals for spring to be precise!  Now some may argue these are not office appropriate but in the age of anything goes they do work for some workplaces.  I can absolutely wear these on Friday or with dresses in warmer climates.  I love the two strap heel because (1) you can find them everywhere right now and (2) they go with everything.  If you only buy one spring sandal it should be this one!  #Seriously

My Strappy Sandals for Spring

My most worn sandals are the nude ones.  Mine were purchased last spring at DSW (they are by Audrey Brooks) but I’ve been eyeing these Schutz ones or these Stuart Weitzman ones as a replacement.  Because they are nude, they mostly disappear leaving your outfit center stage.  #ShineBright

As evidence of their versatility … scroll through some of the outfits I’ve worn mine with over the last year. #myshoesmultitask

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Is seven enough to demonstrate their versatility?  Hands down the best purchase you could make would be a nude version of this sandal (you can find them anywhere and at any price point).  As demonstrated, these shoes can be worn with a suit, dresses, crop pants, skirts … you get the idea.

Black is also a good option but will be noticed.  The wedge on the heel makes them infinitely more wearable when lots of walking or standing is involved.  Mine are from last year but you can find a very similar shoe here.

Feeling Bold?  Then go for a statement shoe in a bright color – like yellow.  You could also try a metallic or gorgeous print (like the gingham cuties from yesterday). My 9 to 5 Shoes Pantone Primrose Yellow

This shoe I am wearing in yellow comes in 21 color/pattern choices.

My Strappy Sandals for Spring Picks

Some of the links are affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I could receive a small commission at no cost to you. Thanks for the support!

These are my yellow shoes pictured above.  21 color choices.  21!  These shoes are lovely in any option.

A great alternative to the Stuart Weitzman sandals I’ve had my eye on!!

This is such a trendy color right now and this is a very wearable height.  This comes in 8 colors. It is also comes in a 4″ heel.

This is the closest shoe to mine. It comes in 16 colors and is the perfect heel height. (Says the girl who loves high heels.) #sorrynotsorry  Also has a 1.5″ heel version equally adorable.

9 Color Options including 3 metallic, black, nude and two lovely blues and bright yellow. The reviews are stellar and the heel is a little lower.

Because snake skin is never a bad choice.  I would pair these with a sheath dress and suit jacket without any hesitation.

Jeffrey Campbell can do no wrong!!  If you can’t wear these to the office this opt for the glittery date night appropriate version instead – because you may as well have the most fun possible!

A daintier, lower heeled version of the classic nude sandal.

More Nude Strappy Sandals for Spring

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