For Tuesday’s Shoesday I am doing a shoe showdown and a little #TBT (Throw Back Tuesday).  Last fall I did a Rothy’s review and it has been a huge hit!  Readers love their Rothy’s.  At the time it was written I had only purchased the pointed toe version (you can read that review here) but I have since added to my collection!  #MoreShoes  So today I am doing a comparison of the Rothy’s round toe versus the pointed toe version.  #Shoedown

I now have a second pair of pointed toe Rothy’s as well as a pair of round toe rothy’s.  #ComparisonTime

I was frequently asked about the round toe version and I now feel qualified in commenting on the differences between the two styles.  (I also added the loafer to my collection).  #SoManyShoes

If you have no idea what Rothy’s are then you should definitely start with the original review (find it here).  Otherwise, read on for a comparison on the round versus pointed toe.

Pointed Toe Rothy’s

When I first purchased my Rothy’s I was decidedly in the pointed toe camp.  I have a bias requiring round toe shoes to be embellished (I blame Tory and Ted for this problem).  Plus, pointed toes  elongate your legs and who doesn’t want that?  The pointed toes were the first Rothy’s I tried, and it was love.  I initially found they fit true to size but more recent purchases have been a half size up (there does seem to be a consensus to size up a half size again if you have wider feet).  Let’s be clear though, with the narrower toe box, you are going to feel your toes next to each other.  Being an avid wearer of classic pumps, this does not bother me.  But if you don’t like your toes scrunched together then you are probably more in the round toe camp.

Round Toe Rothy’s

After I purchased mine points and wrote the review, I received lots of reader questions about the round toe Rothy’s.  I couldn’t answer any of them.  After two friends purchased pairs, I was able to I try them and I decided I needed my own pair.  I ordered the same size I normally wear in both the round and the pointed.   Having tried them on, I knew the fit was looser in the toes but the sizing is still TTS.  I would actually say the fit is looser overall but they do not slip or gap at the ankle.

In comparing the last between the two, the round one is ever so slightly wider than the pointed toe version.  And obviously the pointed toe is longer (to accommodate the point).

I’ve been wearing the new round ones on repeat!  They’ve become my new travel shoe and I couldn’t be happier.  I love that they compress down to nothing and I can shove them in the front of my suitcase.  No more walking through security barefoot.  No more getting my heels stuck in moving walkways as I move from one gate to another.  I’m not ready to ditch my pointed ones but I will say the round toe definitely won me over!

These will also likely become my weekend errand running shoes.  They are so much cuter than sneakers and way more comfortable!  #WinningAllAround

Buy Your Own Rothy’s

Curious? Want to try a pair for yourself? They are currently only sold online or in a few stores.  Discount codes are available to save $20 of your first purchase.

Click here if you would like to save $20 of your first purchase!

Struggling to decide between style? See my original review of the points or or check out this post for a loafer review. I also have a Rothy’s SNEAKER review!!

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