Don’t mind me … I’m just over here drooling on my keyboard over all the loveliness in the DVF sale.  The queen of patterns and dresses … her wrap dress are the gold standard.  But there are so many other good choices too.  Hurry, the good stuff always goes quickly.

DFV Sale Picks

Let’s start with the dresses.

I’m currently REALLY loving this little blue/black number and just trying to dream up somewhere to wear it.  Any Ideas?  #SendInvites  It is very similar to the one I wore in Vegas last Fall but better.  #DefinitelyBetter

Another blue/black number but this one does not require a special occasion to go with it.   #MondayStyle

The quintessential little black dress.  Perfect for work, church, dinner, dancing and everything in between.  #WardrobeStaple

Anything that has lipstick in the name pretty much gets my vote but this is another beautiful dress that is guaranteed to make a statement.  #ConfidenceBooster

Crewneck Dress in Casimir Dot Black by DVF

I have this dress and LOVE IT (but you will need to be a Size 12 to buy it).  The same print is also available in a cute little shirt dress and available in ALL sizes.  If the shape of the first dress is more appealing to you, check out the print for spring!  Love!!

Long Sleeve Collared Shirt Dress

DVF Sale Animal Print LOVE

Bias Fitted Dress in Belmont Combo by DVF

Have this one and love this one!  It is not as short as it appears here but it is definitely not for the timid.  #BeBOLD

This shell is a much more subtle way to do this print.  (The blue is on the back.) And less than $100  #LoveIT  Pair this with a pencil skirt and add a jacket for work (see below) and bold earrings for happy hour.

DVF O-Ring Belt

I had to get this.  HAD. TO.  You can see it paired with the blazer below and it’s perfect.  This is the subtlest way yet to do this print!

DFV Sale Pants


These high-waisted beauties come in five colors  …  I narrowed to the dune and blue and had a hard time picking just one!  Very similar to my beloved Rag & Bone Simone but with a little more length and room.  Also came in Black, Navy and Red!  Pair with a silk blouse for work and a T-shirt for the weekend.

DVF Sale Jacket

Classic Tailored Blazer.  If you don’t have one yet … this is a bargain for something you will have FOREVER. #FOREVER  #WardrobeWorkHorse

Happy Shopping!