It’s time for the weekly Winter Capsule Wardrobe round up.  If you have no idea what I am talking about then start with this post.  If you missed last weeks outfits you can see them here.  For the first week of outfits then check out this post.   And if you are all caught up then read on.

If there was a theme for this week it’s turtlenecks!  I wore them four of the five days because, well, it was cold. #VERYcold

Week 3 started with a trip to Ohio where it was scheduled to be near zero.  That’s just cold.  Way colder than my closet is use to handling. #SeriouslyCOLD

Day 1 My 9 to 5 Shoes Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Monday was a travel day and a Holiday so I opted for comfortable and casual.  I also needed WARMTH!  Once again it was a good thing we (And by We I mean my husband) can turn laundry around in our house.  I wore my black majestic turtleneck with black corduroy pants (a new addition to the capsule) and a blanket scarf.  The scarf was much appreciated on the plane but wasn’t enough for the cold outdoors.  Here’s how I really bundled …

S13 Parka | Old Navy Hat (Similar) | Sole Society Clutch

On my feet were my “fancy” snow boots.  Aside from running shoes, these were the only shoes I took on the trip!  #WaitWhat

On Tuesday I had a whole post on “fancy” snow boots.  Read that post here if you missed it! My 9 to 5 Shoes Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Day 2 My 9 to 5 Shoes Winter Capsule Wardrobe

With only internal meetings on the agenda I opted for warmth.  Betabrand pants (review coming soon), striped turtleneck and bright blue blazer (similar).  Apologies that the best full length mirror I could find was in a bathroom from the 90’s.  #TravelChallenges

Day 3 My 9 to 5 Shoes Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Day 3 = Customer Meetings.  Enter Hugo.  Cold and suits can be challenging.  Yes, the suit is wool …. but all of my suits are year-round wool meaning they are supposed to be as comfortable in 30 degree temps as they are in 100 degree temps.  Yeah, right … Not possible.  I would argue the true temperature range of a year-round suit is somewhere between 40 – 80 degrees.  Since it was zero, I’m wearing tights under the pants and a wool turtleneck sweater under the jacket.  #StayWarmTricks

Day 4 My 9 to 5 Shoes Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Happy to be back in the land of “warmth” … aka above freezing and finally free from snow boots, I opted for the cobalt skirt with a silk blouse. To maintain capsule wardrobe compliance I could have stopped there but I wanted to look a little more formal and I didn’t feel like putting on the Hugo Jacket (again).  Instead I opted for an ivory shell overlay.  This is where I might normally incorporate a sheath dress for a similar look. The footwear? Classic Ted Baker Black Pumps.

Lest you think my life is all fashion and glamour I left the shot with the overlay uncropped.  (That’s the music channel playing on the TV in the background with the creepy face … probably Christmas music (little man is obsessed) … and you can see he is never far … and rarely standing still.  #RealLife

Day 5 My 9 to 5 Shoes Winter Capsule Wardrobe

On Friday I returned to turtlenecks and pants for a casual day of meeting preparation.  I did add this Cheetah scarf for fun!  I’m a little obsessed with this scarf.  #SorryNotSorry

Week 3 Thoughts

I again had to add a piece or two to the capsule simply to accommodate the frigid temperatures.  I’m starting to think the magical number might be twenty pieces.

On to week three (and warmer temperatures).  I’m looking forward to seeing the fun and challenges this week bring!