It’s time for the Winter Capsule Wardrobe Week 1 round up.  If you have no idea what I am talking about then start with this post.  I will just put it out there – It’s been a rough week.  I’ve been nursing a head cold since Christmas Day!  I am REALLY starting to be annoyed by the number of times a day I must blow my nose.  #Sorry  As if a head cold isn’t bad enough, the entire Eastern seaboard has been blasted with the #bombcyclone!  This fun weather phenomenon has caused some of the coldest days I’ve witnessed since living here (and I grew up in the midwest).  The icing on the cake though, was waking up this morning to frozen pipes.  All I really wanted was a cup of ginger tea and a hot shower.  #NoDice

So with all that loveliness in my life I thought the challenge might get the better of me week one.  #AlsoNoDice

I made it!  Despite being down a few key pieces still at the dry cleaners (my silk blouse and black pants) I was able to get through week one.  #MyOwnFault

Day 1

My week technically started on Tuesday the 2nd (that’s how we get 30 days of the challenge and not 31).  I had known for a while that I was going to wear this Windowpane Sweater with my leather midi skirt (similar from J.Crew).  The sweater is a recent purchase and I’ve been wearing it tons because it works dressed up or down.  The weave is super thick but you will see I opted to add a black turtleneck underneath for even more warmth (refer to the previously mentioned #bombcyclone).  I paired this with black tights and my new Via Spiga pumps and kept my accessories minimal.  #FeltLikeMonday

This turtleneck was the first addition to the capsule pieces from the original 12.  I thought I could get through the challenge with just a black turtleneck sweater.  But neither of my turtleneck sweaters were thin enough to layer under this sweater.   And I REALLY wanted the extra warmth.  I already mentioned the inclusion of a black turtleneck during my original post … just not that it happened on Day 1.  #Flexibility

Day 2

With customer meetings on the agenda, the attire for the day was going to have to be my Hugo Boss Suit.  I was actually glad my silk blouse was still at the dry cleaners because it gave me an excuse to wear a sweater!  #StillFreezing  I love these J.Crew sweaters for their ability to layer under a suit a jacket.  Not all sweaters can pull that off. This year’s version is ruffled and comes in navy,pink or white.  I also like this similar one from Ann Taylor in navy or blush.  They can also stand on their own making them good closet multitaskers!  My footwear?  My classic Ted Baker Black Pumps (currently on sale at Zappos!!).  And I actually had full hose on rather than just knee highs.  #DidIMentionCold

Day 3


My head cold was still roaring strong as was the wind outside and all I really wanted to do was curl up in bed with a good book.  I ventured out for part of the day wrapped in this scarf as if it was a blanket.  I used a slim belt to hold everything together as well as help the outfit look more professional.  A black turtleneck once again provided a warm base layer and the colbalt skirt provided a much needed burst of color. See more choices from J.Crew for similar pops of color.  On my feet … my Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots with the warmest wool socks I own as well as full tights!  Not feeling the black?  This camel colored one from Ann Taylor would work similar and its 60% off!

Day 4

At this point in the week I was totally done with winter, colds and work.  I didn’t have any customer meetings so I opted for comfort and warmth.  Today’s outfit … a black turtleneck sweater (mine is from Kohls) with a red blazer from LOFT and cool dangle earrings for character.  On my feet.  Snow boots.  Legit snow boots (and wool socks).  It is rare for me to walk into my office (let alone a customer site) wearing denim … but to do so wearing denim and snow boots?  You’ve been witness to a first.  #DidIMentionDone  I originally picked a pair of jeans similar to these High Rise Denim from Madewell for the challenge but mine were in the laundry.  I wore Paige Denim.  I’m not ready to call this add on number two until I wear the original selection.  For now, consider this a replacement.  #Semantics

Week 1 Thoughts

I consider the first work week of the challenge to have ended successfully!  I was also hoping to also show you today’s outfit but I wore PJ’s until I put on gym clothes.  The gym was supposed to happen this morning but with all the frozen pipe fun, I didn’t make it until the afternoon.  As I finish typing this, I am still wearing gym clothes.  #RealLife  As soon as I hit publish I will clean up and then put on today’s outfit.  #IPromise

Come back next week for more challenge fun!  I’m looking forward to being able to get a little more creative with the challenge (as well as an opportunity for some warmer weather).  #FingersCrossed