Today I’m talking booties … black booties!  It’s the time of the year where tight covered legs come out in droves. I will literally wear tights and boots everyday for the next month! Don’t believe me?  See my gallery at the end of my many tights styles over the last two years! This post was originally inspired by a befuddled reader after I posted the below picture on Instagram (my booties are now on major sale).  She commented about the challenges of pairing tights with footwear. I get it, it can be a struggle to combine tights with shoes.  My recommendation? Booties! #AlwaysBooties

There are definitely some booties that work better than others for this look. I love my wood stacked heel as much as the next girl but not with tights (or hose).  #ThoseAreSummerBooties

With so many choices how do you choose?  Below are some style guidelines to help you sort through options … and my favorite picks follow those.

Style Guidelines

Cut – When pairing your booties with tights (or hose) you want to look for dressier heels and clean lines … think pump … just one that covers your whole foot.  The easiest to style option is going to be a bootie cut that shows your ankle. You can wear a true ankle boot but depending on your height and your outfit it could make you appear short. If you want a taller bootie I prefer ones with a smaller circumference around the ankle (like below) or even a sock bootie.

Color – If you are going for an everyday work look (aka classic and professional); the easiest combination is black on black.  But don’t be afraid to try color. I frequently wear navy on navy (see pic above). I would also wear my white ankle boots or my grey suede ankle boots with the right tights and outfit.  Feeling really brave?  Try color or patterned tights.  See the gallery at the end for more inspiration.

Material – Next choice …. patent, plain or suede for the leather? They all work but you need to pair them with your tights appropriately. For opaque tights, suede will look the best (see the first picture above) but for sheer tights (or black hose), I like regular or patent leather better.  Non-leather is also an option, just match the tights to the shoes.

Black Booties Galore

Under Ankle Booties

This is by far my favorite style but it’s hard to find.  I had a Franco Sarto pair I replaced last year with the coach ones (see picture above) after my cobbler told me he could no longer repair the Franco ones anymore (they were at least 8 years old).  It took two winters of searching to find the replacement pair!

Over Ankle Booties

If you are going to opt for a taller bootie, try and keep the opening smaller so it doesn’t “cut-off” the leg.

Sock Style Booties

Meant to totally close the opening so the transition from boot to leg is indiscernible.  (These are also great for cropped pants in the winter).

Booties with Ties

If the ties are in the front, these create a more shoe like look which can be very unique look.  They can also have the ties in the back which makes it easier to get the fit right.

Booties with Embellishments

Embellishments aren’t a bad option if selected carefully. But again, if you are going for the everyday wear-to-work professional look these shouldn’t be your first choice.

Non-Leather Booties

Whatever your reason for wanting to avoid leather … you still have tons of cute options in fabric and synthetic materials.

Do I Have to wear Booties?

Booties aren’t the only option to wear with tights but they are the easiest option.  See the gallery below for a whole range of choices …  some of these may move many past their personal comfort level (I’m looking at you yellow).  Feeling bold?  You can totally rock this look!  #ConfidenceIsKing

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Happy Shopping!

The featured image is the Stuart Weitzman rhythm currently 50% off.  Find them here in all sizes.  Similar and significantly less expensive here or here.

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