This is one of those posts that has absolutely NO fashion information. If you want to read about Vegas and my fashion fun … come back Tuesday. If you want a little more ME … read on. You’ve been warned. 

If you remember, October was a ‘me’ focused month. It started with a six week fitness challenge but also included some career modifications (more on that soon),  some crucial health appointments (routine visits) and a few new beauty products (Smile Brilliant and Saranghae reviews coming soon). 

The six week fitness challenge ended yesterday and I’m feeling stronger. Significantly stronger. I found some biceps, increased my core strength and lost some body fat in the process. #GoodRiddance

More importantly, the challenge also triggered a much needed mental refresh. A rebalancing of priorities that was long overdue and an acute awareness of all the connected aspects in my life. How does the saying go?  When mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy?!? Prior to starting the challenge I had had an overwhelming need to feel centered and balanced again and I’ve achieved that. I’m in a good place and both my mind and body are stronger because of it. 

This perseverance in strength will be tested today (both mental and physical) when I run a half-marathon in Vegas and (fingers-crossed) … PR (Personal Record for the non-runner readers). 

Whatever happens the journey is just beginning. There will be more ‘ME’ time. More races. More pampering. Continued balance. Physical challenges. Mental challenges. Ups and downs. 

Wish me luck … because in Vegas you can always use a little more luck no matter what!