Yesterday I sorted through my Nordstrom Fall Sale Picks for Shoes, Holiday and ‘Saturday’.  The search continues today in Outerwear and Handbags.  And a bonus pick or two in shoes …


I love coats.  I have so many different coats in so many colors.  For my work coats I opt for investment pieces but for something fun and colorful I look for sale pieces I can easily mix into my wardrobe.  Pursuing the sale, I found a rainbow of options.  #LiterallyARainbow MY 9 to 5 Shoes Nordstrom Fall Sale

Purple – A classic stadium coat in an unexpected color.  There is also one other unexpected color to choose from (Cobalt) and two classics (Black and Camel).

Blue – I love a good Moto Jacket but in Baby Blue?  #ComeOn  This is seriously too cute.  It also comes in black if you aren’t feeling blue.  #GoBlue

Yellow – Peplum.  Check.  Hoodie. Check.  Gorgous Color.  Check.  Yep, this one is a winner.

Red – $38 Dollars for this cutie.  Seriously?  I might need all five colors.  Such a perfect little pea coat in a rainbow of options. MY 9 to 5 Shoes Nordstrom Fall Sale

Pink – Michael Kors Puffer that is perfect for soccer games and Cyclocross meets (#MyLife).  It also comes in black or with a cinched waist below.

Grey – I have several assymetrical coats and I love them!  I really like the soft grey color of this one as well as the longer drape.  As perfect with midi skirts as it is with denim.

Black – Another Michael Kors Puffer that highlights your waist.  Slightly longer and less shiny than the pink version.

White – I’m surprised by how much I wear my White coat in the winter.  I love it as a contrasting option to black and burgundy’s I wear so much of.  This one is the perfect length.  #AndPrice

Handbags My 9 to 5 Shoes Nordstrom Fall Sale Picks

All Saints – The All Saints one sold out but check out this Tory Burch Tweed one I just stumbled upon instead.  Gorgeous.  It won’t last long either.

Pixie Mood – I loved the ombre look (in both color choices) and the price – less than $54.

Minkoff Hobo – Because Minkoff for 40% off is always a yes!

Clutch – This fun piece comes in four patterns but I was partial to the black and white dot.

Tory Burch Parker Tote (Small and Large) – My boss has the small one.  I would need the larger one.  Both are gorgeous.

Tory Burch Fringe Bag – Only Tory could make Fringe look this good.

Bonus Shoes