So breakfast yesterday morning went something like this.

Husband:  “Your heels look like they were attacked.”

Me:  “What?”

Husband:  “The heel of your shoes are all chewed up.  You need to fix them (again).”

Me:  (after thoroughly examining my shoes), “You are right, I need to buy new shoes.”

After I acknowledged that my leopard shoes looked liked they themselves had been attacked by a big cat I decided it was time to go hunting. #PunTotallyIntended  Although they’ve served me well for quite a few years the heels have spent a little too much time lodged in cracks and grates.  Not to mention that just that morning I asked my husband to superglue the lining back down (which was how he even noticed the chewed up heels).  Upon even closer inspection the hair on the toes was starting to wear as well.  It was time to admit it was time for new shoes.  And what a brilliant way for me to put the onus on him that I needed to buy new shoes. #HisIdea

Leopard Shoes

So last night I began the hunt (and my criteria is harsh).  Beautiful, reasonably priced and stellar reviews are all requirments.  Below are the Nordstrom shoes that made it through the filter (I ordered two of these).  Be sure to check back next week for an update on how they look and fit. I’m sad to give up the Mary Jane style but I am loving the look of modern block heels.  I WILL keep hunting for another good Mary Jane style though. #HasToExist