Even though Virginia hasn’t gotten the memo, we are already three weeks into Fall.  I’m shocked, but only because the 70 degree and high humidity days feel nothing like the Fall I know.  I grew up in the Midwest where seasons are unique.  Its been nearly 20 years but I may never get used to the Virginia way of holding onto a season or the way they get muddled and mixed until even the flowers are confused.  I’m pretty sure this time last year – crisp mornings were ever-present and I never left my house without a light jacket.  Ah, light jackets.  Let me take a minute to profess my love.  I have almost (almost) as many jackets as I do shoes.  Unlikely you say?  #TrustMe #Truth  Lately I’ve been loving drapey little leather (or faux) jackets – especially in a gorgeous Blush color which is so on trend.

How to Wear Blush Now

I’ve paired mine with a drapey dress but it works equally well with structured dresses, pencil and midi skirts … or even denim for the weekends.  For fun I created two looks below on ways I would totally rock this for work.  #workdoesntmeanboring

The Drapey Dress

Keep the lines interesting on both the jacket and the dress for the perfect combination.  Choose colors all in the same color family to create a long streamlined look.

VINCE DRESS | Pointed Mule

Pencil Skirt Prep

With a little bit of structure to both the jacket and the skirt, these two pair perfectly.  Keeping all the pieces in the same color family means everything coordinates without having to be matchy-matchy.

Cami | Pencil Skirt | Pumps

Blush Drapey Jackets

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites in all price points from faux to for real.  I even included a few more structured jackets that will transition great!!