It’s been a big week on My 9 to 5 Shoes! Everyday this week I have been doing a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Roundup for the best of the best with each day focused on a different category. Today’s focus is Dresses – something very near and dear to me because I wear them tons!  I’ve already covered Suits, Skirts, Shoes and Jackets!!  This post is just in time for the start of Public Days (today Friday July 21st).

Worried you missed all the good stuff?!? Not a chance.  I’ll let you in on a little secret … they restock the sale for the start of public days. (In fact, they restock almost daily throughout the sale). If your size isn’t there today, check again tomorrow!  #StalkNordstrom

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dress Roundup

UPS has not been my friend this week.  Four of the packages were delivered to the neighbors (good thing they know and like us), one package went missing (for about 8 hours) and the rest are still in route.  Why do you care about my UPS woes?  Because these boxes have dresses in them.  I’ve received four of several I ordered so I will show you what I can but realize there are more coming. #lotsmore  #hopefullysoon #fingerscrossed

Sleeveless Dresses

Anniversary Sale coverage isn’t over.  I will post my top five picks.  I may dig around through the casual wear a bit and see if there is anything interesting there.  And I have a really exciting collaboration in works to create entire looks for you to shop that include accessories!  Stay tuned for more on that next week!  #youregoingtoLOVEit