I will admit when I first started dressing professionally, I kept my accessories VERY minimal. Diamond earrings, a waterfall diamond necklace and my wedding ring. On a rare day I added a watch (if I wouldn’t be near my phone). That’s it. #keepitsimple

Fast forward to today and I’m not afraid to experiment more. A lot more. I had a little help though … 18 months ago I joined Rocksbox and my accessorizing game has never been the same. #blingiton

Rocksbox is a jewelry membership service that exists to make your life easier and more stylish. Who doesn’t need more style in their life?  For $21/month, treat yourself to trying 3 pieces of jewelry at a time with free shipping both ways!  The $21 is also a credit that can be applied to any items you purchase from that month.  (You can also purchases packages of 3 months, 6 months or 12 months which lowers the per month cost to somewhere between $12.42 and $16.33).

How Rocksbox Works

1. Sign up for for an account. #obvious

2. Answer a few questions about your likes, dislikes and preferences.  Do you want delicate or statement pieces? Silver or gold? Earrings, rings, bracelets or necklaces? Color and style preferences? Designer preferences?  Etc.

3. Add pieces to your Wish List. These are the pieces you would like to be sent.  Rocksbox recommends that you add at least 15 pieces to your Wish List. Your stylist will do their best to choose at least one piece from your Wish List to include in your set. Rocksbox sets are curated for you based on your Style Profile and your Wish List. You can also prioritize your top 10. Here is a snapshot of my current top 10 picks.

4.  Wait for your first box to arrive then enjoy all the pieces for a day, a week or a month – you decide.  (I’ve kept some boxes only a few days and I’ve kept others more than month.  In 18 months I’ve received 24 boxes total.)  When you are done place your box in the packaging it arrived in, apply the provided return label and REPEAT.

5.  If you fall in love with an item you can apply your monthly $21 to purchase it.  If you purchase the whole box they apply an additional discount.  I’ve purchased 11 pieces in my 24 months (8 were from boxes and 3 were from sample sales).  Here is a look at a few items I have purchased.  #jennybirdrocks

My9to5shoes.com My 9 to 5 Shoes Rocksbox ReviewMy9to5shoes.com My 9 to 5 Shoes Rocksbox Review
Customer Service

Feedback is key to making this work.  You provide feedback on each individual piece as well as as overall comments or requests.  Over-inform your stylist  – explain what you liked and didn’t and WHY.  Ask for specific pieces for specific occasions.  (You can now upload pictures for your stylist).  Explain the outfits you will be wearing, the occasion or the trip you are planning.  #writeadiatribe

People always ask about breaking or losing pieces.  Their customer service is fabulous.  I have had two pieces arrived damaged.  They applied credit to my account for the next month.  I purchased a piece that later broke – they replaced it!  I returned a statement earring without a back because the earring fell off while I was wearing it – I was lucky I found the earring.  No problem!  #customerserviceisking

My Rockbox Favorites

Here is a sample of some of my favorite Rocksbox pieces.

All opinions are my own and this is not a sponsored post but if you register through my link or use my referral code to sign up – aimeebff58 – I will receive credit and you will receive your first month free.  Go ahead – give them a try.