This post is a response to a reader request … how to Style a Red Blazer?  I’ve posted several outfits on Instagram showcasing the above lovely statement blazer.  It is such a versatile piece so I’ve put together even more outfits and ideas.  Scroll to the end of the post to see all the ways I have worn it!  Since this beauty is older, I have also linked ALL the red blazers I could find.  #SoManyOptions

Outfit Ideas

When I’ve worn the blazer, I have tended to let it take center stage with a back drop of either black or white.  But there are lots of other ways to style this beauty.  The looks below also include pieces that will transition to spring easily.  Bonus:  They can also stand alone without the jacket (read wear through SUMMER)!  #SixMonthsofStyle  There are two basic ideas that create tons of looks.  You can go with contrasting colors or bold patterns.  #BothWinners My 9 to 5 Shoes Loft Notched BlazerContrasting Colors

I pick pieces that bring in another pop of color.  I showcased the yellow in the outfits because this piece stands alone beautifully but I think the blazer also pairs beautifully with bright blue or turquoise (see examples in the gallery below).  Come spring I pair mine with a pale pink as my contrasting color choice.

Interesting Prints

For these looks choose an interesting pattern (florals, geometric or stripes).  To allow the shirt to more easily stand alone look for interesting details like ruffles or lace-ups.  I love tiny floral prints or geometric patterns like chevrons and polka dot.  For stripes I opted for the navy and white combination because I think it provides the best transition to spring but I also love black and cream as an option (see tons of examples in my gallery).  Another way to do prints is to put the pattern on the bottom.  The stripe skirt in the outfits is a perfect way to mix this idea.

The Bottoms

Depending on how formal or casual you want to be I would probably opt for a pencil skirt (I found it didn’t pair as nicely with flared skirts), ankle pants and denim for a casual look (blue, black, white or even pink).  The blazer works well with all of them it just depends on the occasion.  You can see from my gallery that I typically opt for for black or navy as the base color (depending on the shirt selection) but I’ve also worn patterns, burgundy and pink successfully!  #SeeTheGallery

More Red Blazers

These are roughly in order from least expensive to most.  #Roughly  There is tons of different choices from single to double breasted, cropped and longer … there is something for everyone!  #RedBlazersAbound

My Red Blazer Looks

Here are tons of looks that I’ve worn over the last few years with not only my notched blazer but two other red blazers that I own.  It really shows off the versatility of the jacket with looks from casual to office appropriate.  #OneJacketSoManyLooks

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