It’s time for the Monthly Roundup.  Welcome to the month of Spring … I mean the end of Winter … I mean … yeah, all of that!

So far this week in Virginia the temperatures have ranged from 25 – 78. Yeah, crazy!  And Friday we have snow in the forecast.  What?!?    I am so ready to be done with Winter and move on to Spring permanently – not just for a nice afternoon only to be thrust rudely back into Winter again the next day.  At least pick one for a day or so … it makes dressing so challenging.  Speaking of challenging …

Style Challenges My 9 to 5 Shoes March Roundup

The talk of the internet lately seems to be style challenges.  I mentioned the WhoWhatWear January style challenge in last months post (see here).  Now it seems like everyone is dressing some kind of challenge.  I follow The Mom Edit and they have been challenging each other to dress outside of their style norms. And now a few of my favorite Instagramers (see graphic above) are running a March challenge .  I enjoyed the WhoWhatWear challenge.  It forced me to try new pieces and see things in my closet in a new way.  It didn’t work everyday – some days I had to wear a suit when the challenge was to show a cold shoulder but I just skipped those days.  I encourage you to try challenging yourself whether it is small like incorporating a new color or something bigger like the WWWMarch challenge.  You will find yourself inspired.

Fountain of Youth My 9 to 5 Shoes Midnight Recovery March roundup

And on the topic of new discoveries … I’ve used Kiehls Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream for years but I recently discovered the Midnight Recovery Concentrate and it really is like I found the fountain of youth.  They also make a Midnight Recovery Eye Concentrate that now has me curious.  Could it be better than my beloved stand by?  If anyone has tried the Eye Concentrate comment me your thoughts!

Runspirational Tights My 9 to 5 Shoes Roundup

Nicer weather (when it happens lately) has had me running outside more. Often accompanied by my cool cycling side kick. How inspiring are these tights? I call them my “go fast” tights. How can you not feel speedy wearing rainbows?  Mine are pre-orders from a group I run with so no longer available but check out more just as cool “go fast” prints at JustLive.

Hot Deal

This Mossimo shirt I posted last week is now on sale at Target for $6.88 and comes in 6 colors and one print.   I can’t even purchase my favorite lip gloss for that price!

Someone should because I can’t … My 9 to 5 Shoes March Roundup

Anyone have Girls? You have to get them this shirt … it’s a non-starter for a mom of boys. I wish it came in MY size. So appropriate on so many levels.

Enjoy your start to Spring (soon, I hope).