Why only two you ask? Why not the normal 5?  Have you ever been to Rochester in the Winter? If you have you wouldn’t be questioning the duration of my trip.

It’s cold – really cold. It will likely snow – and we aren’t talking a pretty, fluffy inch or two … We’re talking lake effect feet (or two). I have challenge enough cramming all my gear in my little Tumi bag without having to add legit snow boots to the packing party.

I travel to Rochester frequently. In fact this winter I purchased a new parka just for trips to this city. Fur lined (yes faux), full of puffy warmth and waterproof goodness. I am not sure how I ever survived these trips without it. It isn’t ideal for layering over suits, but it works in a pinch – luckily suits are an infrequent requirement in the “flour/flower” city (both are historically true). My beloved parka is now so associated with travel north that even little man now knows where I am going once the coat emerges from the closet. “Oh, your going to New York,” he will say. He also knows it will be a quick trip. No need for him to send books for me to read to him for bedtime because I will be returning ASAP. It’s way too cold to linger long.

But enough complaining … There is an upside to enduring the cold and snow up north. Rochester is a foodie town. You have to look beyond all the Italian options (because every mom and pop joint is the best to someone and everyone’s homemade sauce is better than anywhere), but other choices abound.

Of course, one could argue those restaurants are also open in the summer. During months when the high temperature for the day isn’t 21 degrees. I will be back for those temps too.

So what did I pack for two day my winter adventure besides the parka? My trusty work appropriate snow boots (read more here).  While they won’t help with anything more than an inch or two they are a must when snow is already on the ground (think truly life saving benefits like warmth and traction). I also packed lots of black and lots of layers. Black tights to layer under black pants and black turtlenecks to layer under wraps. Oh, and scarfs for more layering. Sensing the trend?

What I Packed

Day 1 was Valentine’s Day so I wanted something pink and girly. All of my meetings were internal so I could opt for more casual (and did I mention it was cold?). I chose a pale pink wrap, layered with a black turtleneck, added black pants and finished with black ankle boots. I have also worn this wrap under my black Hugo suit jacket on days I needed more formal attire and it flows beautifully. (And it’s only $35?)  It also comes in a beautiful grey.

Majestic Turtleneck | Wrap Top | Pants |S13/NYC Army Parka | Jenny Bird Earrings | La Canadiane Boots

For day 2 there was snow in the forecast. I again wore a black turtleneck layered with a grey wool wrap but this time opted for structured leggings and my OTK boots. It was another morning of internal meetings with afternoon travel so the casual attire was perfectly fine (and it was cold).

Leopard Scarf | Rebecca Minkoff Purse | Jenny Bird Earrings | Majestic Turtleneck | Gray Wrap | Stuart Weitzman 5050 Boots | Vince Leggings

What are your go to cold weather pieces?