I guess I’ve had a long week and I feel the need to rant for a minute.

People – let’s be clear on one point.  If the temperature starts with a 4 (or less)  – it probably isn’t okay to wear Classic TOMS.  And no matter what the temperature starts with – it is not okay to wear socks with your Classic TOMS.

This is my Public Service Announcement for the month.

Don’t get me wrong – I love me some TOMS but there is a time and a place AND style rules!  I have a pair of the classic slip-ons and I love them.  You can find them on my feet in the summer when I am wearing shorts or a cute sun dress.  As a spectator, I chased my husband around Nationals in a pair cheering loudly the whole time.  But I live in Virginia and it is not summer (as I type this it is currently 40 degrees).  We are currently so far outside of the season for Classic TOMS I shouldn’t have to explain.  But last night while attending a parents meeting at the school for my youngest I snapped this pick.

Maybe she was rushing out the door and just grabbed the first pair of shoes in sight (we’ve all been there).  I can forgive temporary style challenges for moments like those.  But just in case that wasn’t the reason …

If you love TOMS and need the socks, opt for one of the sock appropriate styles.  My sister posted this adorable picture on Instagram last week (orangecatorangecar).

It isn’t obvious from the pic  – though I am sure she is wearing socks (there is snow on the ground).  But her TOMS have ties (NOT Classic TOMS).  Very stylish!

So just to be VERY clear.

For days when you have on shorts or a sundress … choose Classic TOMS (like these really cute dot ones).

my9to5shoes.com MY 9 to 5 Shoes TOMS Rant

If it is cold, there is snow on the ground or you are wearing anything more than shorts and/or a sundress then opt for a pair of sock friendly TOMS (like these really cute ones).my9to5shoes.com My 9 to 5 Shoes TOMS Rant

Rant over.  Thanks for listening.