Every once in awhile (the title implies weekly – but I lie), I like to share what I am reading and learning from others.  Here’s the latest …

First off, my newest love is Tarte Frenemy.  Mistake this lip stain for no ordinary red but rather deep and edgy – perfect for winter doldrums.  My inspiration came from the above Instagram post by camilledipaola – gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!  She also posts on The Mom Edit – if you don’t follow her or them you should – IMMEDIATLY.  I love the real life stories as well as the real life clothes.

Sticking with the product focus for a minute.  I have been reading about It CC Cream EVERYWHERE … in magazines, blogs and posts.  Apparently this stuff is going to make me look like I’m in college again.  Yes, please – as long as I am not ACTUALLY in college again! I finally bit the bullet and purchased some.  I’ll let you know when I get carded to drink again.

Powwow.com PRADA Shoes

On Facebook I shared Pure Wow’s post about freezing your tights to stop runs.  It works people!   (Word of caution – let them thaw before wearing – HaHa).   The comments about the shoes are almost as abundant as the comments about the freezing.  The shoes are old Prada but I found two (on sale!) alternatives that you can see in a post next week.  Until then, freeze your tights!

Much to the dismay of my 5 year old we have yet to see snow in Virginia.  So the boys and I made our own Borax Snowflakes compliments of What Will we do today? A friend of mine called them … magic elf dust snowflakes.  Seems far less chemical and way more magical.  Both my 5 and 8 year old thought this was WAY cool (their words).  My only word of caution is to not let the borax water sit ANYWHERE.  I now have a nice faded circle on my black dining room table that I am going to have to figure out how to fix.  GRR.  But they turned out beautiful and the boys had so much fun.

Earlier this week I posted about the very popular Stuart Weitzman Lowland.  Every fall/winter I struggle with what to do with tall boots in my closet.  I have one boot holder that my husband claims makes it look like the Wicked Witch of the West croaked in my closet.  I have also tried hanging versions but the boots fall off.  Wanting to finally solve the problem, I took to the internet and found this post from Via Katherine extremely helpful … and the product even more helpful than the post.  No more dead witches in my walk-in.  Even my tallest OTK boots stand stick straight.

Over the holiday break I enjoyed time with family (see the above mentioned Borax snowflakes), I shopped all the sales for items I had been eyeing or new fabulous finds.  I spent some time reading, and I researched predictions for 2017 style trends.  My ultimate 2017 Trends (Styles and Colors) can be found here.

The Pantone 2017 Color of the Year is ‘Greenery’ which claims to “revive, restore and renew”.  I am looking for all of those things in the coming year.

Enjoy the weekend!