As I was having breakfast with my little man (one of my favorite things to do), he says, “mommy you can take me to school today?”  My first thought was “I am entirely overdressed for this” but it was a request I was happy to accommodate.  My child was quick to point out en route, “mommy, you don’t do this very often”…  ah, no … mommy has done this precisely twice (today being the second occasion).  There is a very practical reason my husband has command of drop-off and pick-up …  because I’m normally at the office.  #WorkToDo

I can confirm that overdressed was an understatement.  I was the only mom in heels, pencil skirt and striped tights toting their child to preschool.  But I was also wearing a big smile.  I’m a mom first.

Technically , my outfit should have impressed ALL of the girls in my child’s class as it was totally inspired by tights.  What girl doesn’t love a pair of tights to make them feel like a princess?  #AllGirlsLoveTights

I have had these tights forever but I find I almost always style them the same; navy pencil skirt (so dark it could be mistaken for black) and a navy wrap sweater.  Pairing navy with black is one of my favorite pairings.  My outfit is mostly monotone because the tights are really meant to be the focal point.  This look uses wardrobe staples so it is very easy to recreate.  All of these pieces have been in my closet for years.  This is why you buy classic, quality staples.  #WearThemForYears


But this post is really about the tights.  They are the keystone for the outfit.  When shopping for tights, I like to look for a inspiring pattern (stripes, argyle, chevron) or unexpected color combinations.  This helps mix things up in the cold months of winter.  #MixingMakesForFun

What cool tights have you found to warm your day?  If you answered none  … scroll down to see some cool options!

Tights with Personality

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