5 Days in St. Louis

I was recently lucky enough to travel to St. Louis for work. I was attending a conference and tacked on a few days of internal company meetings.

The conference required a suit but the internal meetings allowed for some work wardrobe fun!

It all still had to fit in the beloved TUMI suitcase though. It’s times like this when capsule wardrobes and multitasking pieces become a powerful tool to take advantage of. (Look for a piece on capsule wardrobes coming someday!)

I was able to take ONE Hugo Boss black suit jacket and create five unique looks.   I will be very up front … the jacket is pricey … but for something that I wear EVERY week the price is worth it. And savvy shoppers might be able to find a good deal (I can help with that – I watch for HUGO sales like a hawk).

Traditional Suit Outfits

For the conference days I was stuck with traditional suit looks.  The good news is I could take advantage of multiple coordinates (pants, skirt, dress) and easily create 3 looks with my ONE jacket.  It’s like getting a 3 for 1 deal (although you still have to purchase each piece).  Packing multiple jackets is just asking to look like you slept in your suit and NO amount of steam will save it.


BOSS Jiwina Blazer | HUGO BOSS Pants | HUGO BOSS Vilea Stretch Skirt | HUGO BOSS Dirusa Sheath Dress | Bootie Alternative Ted Baker Nyiri (Blouses old Classiques Entiers and Mossimo)

“Fun” Suit Outfits

For the internal meeting days  I was able to have more fun.  I could also be a little less formal.  A opted for a black, faux leather skirt for a little edge and “track” pants for a little fun (and a lot of comfort – like wearing pajamas to the office. For Real.)  I love the versatility of both of these pieces and the fact that I can easily pair them with a suit jacket when required.

BOSS Jiwina Blazer | Trouve Faux Leather Skirt and Trouve Zippered Blouse (both old) | Bootie Alternative Ted Baker Nyiri | Track Pants | Bootie Alternative Ted Baker Nyiri
 (The blouse is old equipment but you can see two alternatives here)

Casual Look

And to reiternate the whole don’t put the suit jacket in the suitcase concept.  I opten fly home wearing mine.  So as a bonus, I am also sharing my casual look – this is how you will find me dressed to fly home on a Friday afternoon, reading my kindle while my laptop rests in the overhead bin.  After all, all work and no play …

BOSS Jiwina BlazerMajestic Turtleneck | Paige Denim |Bootie Alternative Ted Baker Nyiri

If you have never been to St. Louis you should go immediately.  This town doesn’t disappoint.  On my last trip I stayed at the Chase Park Plaza hotel across from Forest Park.  Go in the summertime,  enjoy the hotel pool, play in Forest park (they have a zoo and a science center) and dine in the Central West End (the neighborhood adjacent).  Eateries like Thai 202 and The Tavern Kitchen and Bar are superb.  End your night with a nightcap from Gamlin Whiskey House where the selection is enormous and the staff’s knowledge doesn’t disappoint.