This a roundup of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale staples I buy every year. At up to 40% off these are things it would be insane not to stock up on. Bras, workout gear, jeans, deodorant … the pieces are random when viewed as a collection but they all get frequent use in my household.

My Staples

Majestic Turtleneck – Hands down the best turtleneck on the planet.  Lasts for years.  Not see through.  The perfect layering piece.  I get a new black one every year and I wear it ALL winter long. #alwaysblack #thinkIownthree

Paige Denim – The sale is always a good time to stock up on the latest trends in denim.  A new pair of Paige denim comes home every year … the last few years it has been all about the color but I also own these Transcend Skinnies. #eggplant #merlot

Natori Feathers Underwire Contour Bra – The sale is no better time to stock up on items you literally wear EVERY day!  This is the only bra I wear. I try and add a new color as well as update my neutrals during the sale. #definitionofstaple

Zella Live In Leggings – As the name implies … they can often be found on my body on the weekends. #literallylivein

Donna Karan Deodorant – They sell a three pack during the Anniversary sale that almost makes this deodorant the same price as drug-store deodorant.  Well worth the investment.  One three pack lasts me ALL year.

Those are my big five must buy items!  What items do you stock up on during the sale?