Dog Days of Summer: The Story of My Stripe Maxi Dress

The Dog Days of Summer continue with more stripes.  Yesterday was the skirt and today I bring you a stripe Maxi Dress ... accompanied by a handful of blurry/grainy pictures of me and my husband!  #ThatsJustGreat Today's Dog Day look is really the Maxi Dress (mine just happens to have stripes) ... but it also comes ...


Dog Days of Summer: Polka Dot Style

Another Thursday, another Dog Day.  If you were like me and didn't really want to go back to work after all the fun from the fourth then you were probably looking for something easy to toss on.  Well nothing is easier than classic black and white.  And why not have some fun with the black ...


Dog Days of Summer: Red, White and Blue

Yesterday I kicked off a new series, the Dog Days of Summer Series!!  While yesterday was all leopard today I'm going with Holiday theme!  It's Red, White and Blue casual (but I also shared some work appropriate looks that rock this same color combination)!!  I love pops of red and cobalt blue for fun and ...


40 Outfits for the Dog Days of Summer

If you’ve ever spent a summer in Washington D.C. then you know it gets hot. Like, sweat through your silk blouse before you even leave the house HOT.  It is days like these you go to the pool ... not the office.   In fact, these hottest days have a very special name - the phrase Dog ...


2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Catalog is HERE!!!

In case you missed the reminder post last week (and all the sneak peaks on stories) … we are getting closer to the 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary sale! Today I am doing a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog preview.  I took my first peak at the catalog today and I'm VERY excited! So many lovely pieces! (And truth be ...


Summer Capsule Wardrobe: The Looks

If you saw Sunday's prepost then you already know what you are about to read .... but just in case you missed it ... I will quickly recap.  Remember back in January when I challenged myself to wear a Winter Capsule Wardrobe? Well that was so much fun and earned such raving reviews that I decided ...


2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Get a sneak peak at the 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and learn how to score the best deals!!

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5 Days in Omaha!

I recently spent one week in Omaha for work (and play)! This wasn't a normal work trip ... Omaha was where I was born and I have family still there so the trip had a lot more fun than work!!  If you have never been, Omaha is great place to visit and there is tons ...


Summer Capsule Wardrobe

This is a prepost post! If you remember back in January I challenged myself to wear a Winter Capsule Wardrobe. Well I have been working on a Summer Capsule Wardrobe!  I'm normally a dresses kind of girl when it comes to summer but that sometimes doesn't work week to week.  So I decided to go back ...


One Outfit, Eight Shoes: The Work Edit

This one outfit, eight shoes post is a twist on the traditional one piece, multiple looks post. I dreamed this post up while sitting at gymnastics for the boys one Saturday morning.  It was originally created based around what I was wearing that day (casual cargo pants) but I liked this exercise so much that ...