A Peak in My Nordstrom Shopping Cart

I'm sure this will come as no surprise to you but my Nordstrom shopping cart is always full. And by full I mean it currently has 77 items sitting in it.  I thought it might be kind of fun to share with you some of the items I've had my eye on.  Most of them could ...


4 Days in South Beach (Warm Weather Dresses)

I just had the fortunate opportunity to spend four lovely days in Miami.  The sunshine and warmth was so welcome after the slow start to spring currently occurring in Virginia.  I was there for work though, so I needed warm weather, work appropriate attire.  Of course, I took my favorite item ... dresses.  They not ...


Independent Fashion Bloggers Featured Roundup

This week was a big week.  I did the Spring shoe roundup which included more than 50 shoes over the last five days.  If you missed it find them here:  Cage, COLOR, BLOCK, Peep Toe and Blue. Yes, I've embraced my shoe addiction and I am sharing it with you! Independent Fashion Bloggers Featured Roundup My first post (The Cage ...


Spring Shoes Blues (Blue-Hued and Denim)

Every day this week I have featured a new office-appropriate Spring Shoe Trend.  I've covered the Cage Look, COLOR, Block Sandals, Peep Toes ... and today I'm talking Blues.  Denim is a big trend in sandals but you can also find blue suede and other cool textures in hues of blue.  #iamnowhummingELVIS #bluesuedeshoes If you haven't seen any of the ...


Spring Shoes … The Peep Toe

Every day this week I am featuring a new office-appropriate Spring Shoe Trend.  I've already talked about the Cage Look, COLOR and the Block Sandal.  Today I'm talking Peep Toe Sandals. #pleasegetamanicure If this is your first shoe roundup then you should know I have strict criteria for my picks ... they must be items I either already own or would buy. ...


Spring Shoes – The BLOCK Sandal

Every day this week I am featuring a new office appropriate Spring Shoe Trend.  I've already talked about the Cage Look and COLOR and today I'm talking BLOCK Sandals.  If you only buy one new shoe for spring it should be one with a block heel.  You can combine the block heel with one of the ...


Spring Shoes with COLOR

Every day this week I am featuring a new Spring Shoe Trend appropriate for the office (sorry - I love a good flip flop but you won't find those in these posts...) #noflipflopshere #sorrynotsorry Yesterday was the Cage Look and today is COLOR!  There is no shortage of bright colors for spring.  The most popular are pink or ...


Spring Shoes (The Cage Look)

I few weeks ago I did a Spring roundup to celebrate the arrival of spring.  Every day I featured a different Spring collection with several pieces to choose from as well as suggestions for ways to style everything.  Those roundups can be found here:  Spring Dresses, Spring Stripes, Pencil Skirts, Spring Florals and Ankle Pants. It was always ...


Pencil Skirt Addendum

Given the popularity of the pencil skirt posting and the J.Crew sale currently underway (through Mar. 26) ... I added three more spring pencils to the mix. Enjoy. A Tweed Pencil Skirt I frequently wear this Boden Tweed pencil  skirt, but it is long gone. I've been challenged many times to find an equivalent contender and I ...


Spring Ankle Pants

Nothing says Spring like Ankle Pants.  Bare ankle skin just screams warm weather is near.  We are on the final day of my Spring Roundup. If you've seen the first four days (Dresses, Stripes, Pencil Skirts and Floral Prints) then you know your are in for more mix and match pieces to combine with everything you've ...

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