3 Days in Rochester (Again)

I recently spent three days in Rochester, NY for work.  Yes, again.  See my last trip post from the dead of winter here.  I feel like every time I travel to Rochester the weather is horrible ... this trip was no different.  Not only was it still cold, but it was ALL rain ALL the ...


Denim Under $30 (and no jeans!)

Today's post is all about denim under $30.  And you won't find any jeans here ... this is all about cute chambray and denim pieces that can be dressed up or worn casually.  Think cute dresses and skirts and a few other pieces that may surprise you. A Denim Shell at the Office Yes, it may have been ...


Ankle Pants Under $30

Bargain week continues with Spring Ankle Pants Under $30 - including the lovely Gingham pair from yesterday (see more Gingham here).  I did a roundup of Ankle Pants in early Spring (you may find some good sales on these now) but none of these were less than $30.  And this roundup is all about the bargains! My Ankle ...


Gingham Under $30

Bargain week continues with Gingham Under $30. Gingham is huge right now. You will see it everywhere (if you haven't already). Dresses and tops and shorts and ... the list really could go on.  While gingham is harder to pull off at the office, unless you include some structure, it is perfect for some of the upcoming Holidays. ...


Ruffled Shells Under $30

This week I'm bargain hunting. If you missed yesterday's post with the full explanation (Happy Actual Teacher Appreciation Day) as well as skirts for under $30 find that here. Today I'm talking ruffled shells under $30. Tuck them under suit jackets or blazers or wear them on their own - either way they are not only gorgeous ...


Skirts Under $30

This week I'm doing things differently.  I was originally working on a week long tribute to teachers for teacher appreciation week but since the Nation cannot agree on when exactly that is and Virginia celebrated last week ... I guess I missed the boat.  I'll still offer my appreciation (I love teachers) but I will save ...


Why you should Rent the Runway (A Review)

Last year, with a spring wedding looming, I decided to test out Rent the Runway.  I had things I could wear, but I was looking for something different and this seemed like a safe way to experiment (after all I HAD a dress - just not one I really wanted to wear). #everywomansproblem What is Rent the Runway? Rent ...


A Rocksbox Review (or accessorize like a rockstars)

I will admit when I first started dressing professionally, I kept my accessories VERY minimal. Diamond earrings, a waterfall diamond necklace and my wedding ring. On a rare day I added a watch (if I wouldn't be near my phone). That's it. #keepitsimple Fast forward to today and I'm not afraid to experiment more. A lot ...


MM.LaFleur Review

Curious about MM.LaFleur? I was too. I mean they send you a bento box!  Who doesn't love bento boxes ... and filled with fashionable goodies? Um, yes please.  I was fortunate to have a store open in D.C. at the same time my curiosity peaked. So I promptly booked an appointment! My Appointment When you book your appointment ...


A Peek in My Nordstrom Shopping Cart

I'm sure this will come as no surprise to you but my Nordstrom shopping cart is always full. And by full I mean it currently has 77 items sitting in it.  I thought it might be kind of fun to share with you some of the items I've had my eye on.  Most of them could ...

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