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Style Ideas from a Wannabe Fashionista in a Black Suit World

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Let me introduce myself – I am a wife AND a mom who works full time. I wear business attire (read SUIT) and I travel. A LOT. I miss bedtimes for business dinners and read stories via FaceTime; but I will cancel a morning meeting to fulfill breakfast requests for pancakes with mom. Like every mom, there is the guilt and the work life balance challenges but I can do all this AND still look pretty.

I wear suits (HUGO BOSS please), I wear heels (Ted Baker please), I travel (yes, almost weekly – I have a special love for my TUMI carry-on). I feel women should feel empowered and pretty doing all these things! In a nutshell I am a wannabe fashionista in a black suit world. You will not find playground appropriate attire here – my Uggs have heels and there are no rips in my jeans.

Why My 9 to 5 Shoes?

When I travel (often weekly) and attend conferences I get to interact with people all day long. I love these days. I enjoy engaging with people. During these engagements I am often complimented on my outfit, shoes, coats, jewelry … (you get the idea). I love when others lift people up and I wanted to create a forum were woman could do that for each other EVERYDAY! I created My 9 to 5 Shoes as a space to share style ideas and compliments among working women. This is my forum to share my style thoughts and ideas with other like-minded wannabe fashionistas dressing for corporate America – please join in the conversation AND the compliments!

Learn more about me

If you want a good introduction to My 9 to 5 Shoes – start with my wardrobe staple – the previously mentioned black Hugo Boss suit.  To better understand the power of this workhorse and its versatility read 5 days of Hugo; if you want to better understand my personal style try 5 days of perfection. Both posts were inspired by my need to pack efficiently for a week long work trip (I love the TUMI but it is only so big…) but could easily resonate with fashionistas trying to squeeze more out of their wardrobe.

You can also find me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest where I post my daily looks.

Still didn’t find what you were looking for?  Contact me:  i n f o @ m y 9 t o 5 s h o e s . c o m (no spaces)

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