Guess what I wore to the office this week?


Yep, shorts.

I actually wore them 3 days in a row. 

Yep, 3 whole days. 

And you know what happened. NOTHING. No one said one word about me and my shorts. #NotOneWord

The internet would have you believe that nothing is more controversial than “appropriate office attire” (or maybe “inappropriate office attire”. The Karen’s seem to come out it droves when skin does.  And maybe if you work in law or finance then you may have an argument against. Those sectors still tend toward more formal dress codes and shorts are probably a no-no. But in offices with more casual vibes, shorts can absolutely be appropriate. Results from a quick Instagram Story poll show that more and more workplaces are flexing their codes or eliminating them entirely. The client whose workspace I spend the majority of my time has NO written dress code.  #StandDownKaren

“We don’t believe that a specific code is necessary. We expect team members to use good judgement and dress appropriately for the office.”

So this week I decided it was time. Actually way past time, to wear shorts to the office. It was a Holiday week. DC is going through a horrible two week long heat wave. It is summer. It is hot. Excuses aside, I was dressed professionally and I would argue I looked nicer than the dude down the hall wearing a T-shirt and jeans. #ProofPoint

My “Shorts in the Office” Style

I styled 3 pairs of shorts for 3 days in the office.

weaaring shorts in the office

So what makes a short office-worthy? Longer is better (use the same rule as you would for skirts), tailored is a plus and a matching set is an easy yes! Avoid denim, shorty-shorts and anything too tight. #CommonSensePeople

What about the shoes to pair with your shorts?  Opt for closed toe flats as the best option. #ChooseBallet

Still not sure you are ready to wear shorts to the office?  I get it …. really! This is the girl who would not wear jeans to the office (even on Friday) pre-covid. Ease into the shorts at work concept by starting with an after hours networking event or a conference opening social. #YouGotThis

One Last Tip … Try not to blind your coworkers with Winter white legs … I use b.tan love at first tan every Sunday in the Summer to get that subtle sun-kissed glow. It has no orange effect and great staying power. It would probably last more like two weeks if I wasn’t swimming in chlorine 3+ times a week. #SelfTannerSatisfication

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