Before we jump into today’s INEZ Review review – let’s do some introductions. If you are new around here and you’ve never heard of INEZ … first, welcome and second, you are going to love this brand. Since you aren’t familiar – you should start with my original review for their Alta Heel … read the original review. #StartAtTheBeginning

For those who have read the original review (and the boot review and the sandal review)- clearly I love INEZ – it is time for a new review!! When they reached out to collaborate, my answer was, YES. Forever and always, YES! #FanGirl

As with most of my INEZ shoes, my latest pair was gifted. But just like my other reviews, I have formed my own thoughts and opinions. If you simply can’t wait and want the bottom line up front … you need to buy these beauties NOW. #INEZIsStillAWinner

Going Back to the Office

Like many, I’ve returned to the office a few days a week with some in person meetings. This means putting my slippers aside and putting on real shoes again. And for the first few trips back my feet were NOT happy with that idea. #HeelsCanHurt

Enter Frida. With all the comfort only an INEZ heel can deliver. So let us move on to the actual INEZ Frida review … #WhyYouAreHere

INEZ on My Feet

These beauties were comfortable minute one. They fit true to size and I have been in the same size (US 9) for all of my INEZ shoes – I love a brand that can get the sizing consistent desipite producing different styles. #CustomerServiceQueens

Comfort confirmed – let’s talk about styling them. #AllAboutStyle

Styling INEZ Frida

Frida has spent the last month heading everywhere I go. Office, Grocery Store, Conference, Living Room … yep, everywhere I went, Frida has gone. I needed to be certain of her versatility. True to my origins – Frida needed to be able to pair with a suit – even if I only wear them a few times a month these days. #BoxChecked

Realizing that suit wearing is few and far between, I put Frida through the business casual paces and she more than delivered. #ServingUpLooks

Denim? Yep, she checks that box as well. #CheckAllTheBoxes

Veronica Beard Oskar Jacket & Pants | St. John Knit | INEZ Sofia | Essie Rome Around

For many, their zoom style includes denim … I know mine does. These beauties look amazing with these burgundy jeans I wear on repeat during the Fall. #EvenMyJeansAreColorful

Lafayette 148 Blouse | Rag & Bone Denim | INEZ Sofia | Essie Rome Around

St. John Knit Sweater | Rebecca Taylor Wrap | INEZ Sofia | Essie Rome Around

Want to get your own pair of INEZ?

Yes. Let me just answer that for you. Yes! You’ve read my review … you’ve seen some styling options. Your answer should be yes! Use my discount code my9to5shoes15 to get 15% off your favorite pair – including Freda. #SaveSomeMula

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