Curious to see my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Purchases from 2022? A few years ago I really changed how I shopped the sale and with my current, mostly work from home status and a closet full of pieces that have not been worn nearly enough I have no interest to return to my old way of “shopping all the things”. You can read more in this older sale post about my new shopping ways. The bottom line is I try to focus on gaps in my closet and limit myself to five winning pieces (not including staples). Read on to see everything I added to my cart (and purchased). #IconShopper

Everything I mention can be found on my wish list. Nordstrom allows you to Wish List sales items so be sure to create your own!!

Work Wear

While I don’t “need” any blazers, I always peruse the options just to see what is there. These were the three that caught my eye. My white blazer could use an update and I like the more relaxed look of this TopShop one (bonus that it also includes matching trousers).

Is a faux leather blazer ever a bad idea? I also got the coordinating shorts pictured.

Lastly, I’ve been on the hunt for a camel blazer and this Treasure & Bond Knit blazer is close enough to give it a try. #BlazerBoss


One of my actual needs is a desire to replace my faux leather pleated skirt (you can see it in this post). It’s been worn to death (literally). I carted serveral options to try. They are mostly black but one also comes in olive green and the shorts also come in dusty pink. And yes, I am aware that shorts are not skirts. #KeepingMyOptionsOpen


These three dresses caught my eye … with no specific gap to fill in my closet it is going to need to be big love for them to get to stay but they all seemed worthy of trying. #DressIsBest


These are the sweaters that caught my eye. I will spoil the suprise and tell you the Reiss one is a hard pass for me. I’ve seen others say they love it but as a true conneseur of the Reiss brand – this knit is WAY below their typical quality – it’s more like ribbed Tee material. The cashmere sweater is the Nordstrom brand (I have three turtlenecks) and it is a lesser quality cashmere but still worthy of the sales price – just make sure you have a sweater shaver because you will have to use it after every wear. #NineColorChoices


If you already took a peak at my wish list you might be shocked to see that I only purchased one pair of shoes. I told you I am doing things differently. In advance of the sale, I took stock of all of the Anniversary sale finds that are STILL in my closet. Shoes were not the winner. I only have three pairs of shoes purchased during prior sales – and they are all black flats. I have a blog post coming soon on the pieces still in my closet that might shed some light as to why – but as a result of this analyis, I decided to mostly pass on the shoes. #YouDoYou


To fill a gap in my closet, I’m looking for an office worthy pair of denim. I want something versatile I can pair with blazers and feel more dressed up than down. Since denim always takes some trial an error I ordered multiple styles so I can find hopefully find one to love. I also added a pair of Veronica Beard ones after seeing several reviews from others. #LetThereBeLove

Wardrobe Staples

These are the purchases I make every Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. This year it was Sweaty Betty tanks and Natori Feathers bras. I tried the Yogalicious shorts from Amazon and while I love the style and the price they are NOT going to stand the test of time … I know Sweaty Betty will. In the past I have also purachased pajamas but I have found the quality of the uber popular Moonlight pajamas has been going downhill. #SaveYourDough


I always use the sale to stock up on beauty items I use on the daily. I mean why pay full price?

First up, my aging face saving Génifique. Also saving my aging face – sunscreen (because summer isn’t over). These easy to apply eye shadow I can never run out of was an easy add to cart,.

I was happy to not only see the L’Occitane shower oil I love as part of the sale but also find it in eco friendly packaging (lasts me all year).

My hair got lots of love this sale … I tried to go eco with my hair products but …. nope. For Shampoo and Conditioner I have been using Caviar and Oribe is dry shampoo magic.

Lastly, my deodorant is a must buy every year (and it lasts me the whole year). #BeautyRestock

For the Boys

The husband filled his wish list with casual work shirts and Tommy John underwear (you can read more about this magical underwear in this post).

I have no doubt I am not done shopping the sale. I will find other pieces that catch my eye as I browse in stores and watch Instagram hauls from others shopping the sale. And some of these pieces I won’t love. I will let the “Law of Three” help me choose what gets to stay. Follow me on Instagram to keep up with the ins and the outs of my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale cart. #AllMonthLong

Links to everything I mentioned in this post can be found on my wish list.