Spring is here … okay, not quite but these beautiful sandals are going to make you think it is. These arrived on my doorstep just in time for our last Winter fling with snow and I’ve been dying to take them out for a spin! I mean to truly write an INEZ Spring Sandal Review – I needed to wear the sandals!! So I’ve been wearing them around my house pretending it’s sunny and summer … or that I went to Miami … anywhere but where I am currently (which is inside my house in the land of cold). #SunshineLover

Reviewing INEZ From the Beginning

Before we jump into today’s review – let’s start with the basics. If you are new around here and you’ve never heard of INEZ … first, welcome and second, you are going to love this brand. Since you aren’t familiar – you should start with my original review for their Alta Heel … read the original review.  #StartAtTheBeginning

INEZ Paz, Sofia, Alta and Coletta

For those who have read the original review (and the boot review) – you know I love INEZ. When they reached out to collaborate again, the answer was, YES. Absolutely YES! I’m one of their biggest fans and I’m always looking for beautiful shoes to add to my growing collection. I have their Alta, Paz and Coletta …. and now it was time for a warm weather friend. The Paloma has been at the top of my list ALL Winter, but since I spent a majority of the season wearing slippers, I decided they could wait. Sandals, however, cannot wait. Spring is coming. The ability to leave our houses is coming. The need for beautiful footwear to wear outside our house is coming. #GetReady

As with my Alta and Paz, my latest pair was gifted. But just like my other reviews, I have formed my own thoughts and opinions. And just like my other two gifted pairs – they deserve all the praise they are about to receive. #INEZIsStillAWinner

The INEZ Spring Sandal Collection

First up, choosing my sandals. I love that INEZ makes this process so hard – too many beautiful shoes! After lots of swooning, a mini internal debate and some practical reasoning … I finally made a choice. #DecisionDecisions

The above are the staples from previous seasons (Sofia shown in Pink Lizard and Sasha shown in Crinkle Silver Metallic) and then there were a few new additions to the collection.

The new girls in town include: Isa (shown in Cognac Nappa), Sandra (shown in Mocha Croco) and Sara (shown in Soft Gold).  

So how did I choose? I basically chose via a process of elimination. While I love the look of slides, I don’t love walking in them. The clickity-clack is tiresome after a day. Wedges provide a similar response. I love the look, just not walking in them. This left me with the classics. And let’s be real – I’m a classics kind of girl. So, taking stock in my closet – nude and silver were taken, as was colorful (at least pink, purple, red and probably a few others I’ve forgotten) which left two-tone snake, pink lizard and black. Black, while practical, felt too obvious. I mean haven’t I more than covered practical? And while the green lover in me wanted emerald I felt colorful was covered (even if it didn’t include green). With two choices left – I ultimately decided on Sofia in pink lizard. #NoActualLizardWasHarmed

My choice was perfect! They are every bit as gorgeous in person as they were online.  The color is neutral but beautiful and the lizard gives it just enough texture to make it interesting. #VeryHappyFeet

Now let us move on to the actual INEZ Spring sandal review … #WhyYouAreHere

INEZ Sandals on My Feet

I do this every time. I get my new INEZ sandals and put them on my feet. And then I doubt my size. No seriously. What I really need to do is stop trying on new shoes the minute I walk in the door (when my feet are swollen and exhausted). “They feel tight.” I’ve said this with three pairs now and then I wake up the next morning, put them on again and all is right in the world. #WhenWillIEverLearn

If you are like me though, and cannot learn your lesson … or wait to try on new shoes – INEZ has a wonderful try at home policy that actually allows you to try two different sizes. You purchase your first pair and receive a second pair of the same style—in a half-size up, down, wider or narrower—free (and free shipping both directions). They really want you to find that perfect, made-for-you fit. #CustomerServiceQueens

INEZ Sofia Sandal

Sofia’s first outings have only been through the multiple levels of my house. But from the upstairs bedroom to the downstairs office … they have delivered on comfort. I mean, how many pairs of heeled sandals can you reach your climbing goal for the day while wearing. #ThanksForTheFireworksGarmin

I can confirm these beauties are going to be worn lots. And by lots I mean like every time I leave the house … and some of the days I don’t. They are stupid comfortable. Once again, INEZ didn’t miss a detail. There are too many winning features to list them all but … the leather is quality (luxe Italian embossed leather), the arch support is plush and thoughtful (not misplaced or bothersome), and the color choices are modern yet classic. #RemedyThatRiddle

So there you have my INEZ Spring sandal review … but I know what you are thinking … what about styling them? #KeepReading

Styling My INEZ Sandals

Having realized, I had the perfect TTS fit. I moved on to what to wear them with. Are they versatile enough to incorporate into my wardrobe seamlessly? You know my law of three … well, I think we are up to at least 10. #AndStillCounting

In short, they are versatile. #ReallyVersatile

To be verbose, you can wear these with pretty much anything you are thinking about pulling out of your closet to put on your body. #NoReally #Anything

While my reviews typically focus on office appropriate looks, for this post, I have opted to style the sandals a few more ways. In today’s state of the world, some people are getting dressed for the office while others are barely getting dressed … I wanted to cover all the options. #PleaseCoverYourselfInSomethingThough

Business Formal with INEZ

First up … formal. I know not everyone has returned to suits but it’s happening sooner rather than later if current trends persist. I’m loving this Spring’s suiting trends and I can’t wait to start wearing them. Because the current suit styles are more relaxed, pairing them with sandals just feels natural. #SuitSandals

Business Formal with INEZ Sofia Sandal

Veronica Beard Oskar Jacket & Pants | St. John Knit | INEZ Sofia | Essie Rome Around

Business Smart with INEZ

This is what I’ve coined the new Zoom style. It’s business casual but comfortable and worthy of working from home. I opted for summer classics, knit tank and wrap skirt – but honestly, any pairing works. T-shirt with pencil skirt. Blouse with midi. There is no wrong answer. #AndNoDryCleaningRequired

Business Casual with INEZ Sofia Sandal

St. John Knit Sweater | Rebecca Taylor Wrap | INEZ Sofia | Essie Rome Around

Date Night with INEZ

It would be wrong to think these cuties won’t leave the house for a date or two – in fact, it might be their first outing. I’ve seen lots of memes and discussions on social media about the over-the-top style everyone will be wearing when we finally get to leave the house (roaring twenties anyone?). Can I just state – I am completely on board with over-the-top. In this look the sandals take center stage paired with a slinky, silk top and velvet appliqué flowered tulle skirt. #Roaring2021

Date Night with INEZ Sofia Sandal

Kendra Scott Earrings | Frame Silk Blouse | Tulle Skirt | INEZ Sofia | Essie Rome Around

Casual in Denim with INEZ

Last but not least, it wouldn’t feel right not including a denim look (and I would never have said that a year ago). I am currently loving Sofia with a lighter wash, straight leg style but they will also pair great with a washed black or even white denim as well as a trendy crop flare to really showcase the shoes! #DenimDream

Denim with INEZ Sofia Sandal

Lafayette 148 Blouse | Rag & Bone Denim | INEZ Sofia | Essie Rome Around

Look for even more styled looks on my feed as the weather warms!! #YouHaventSeenTheLastOfSofia

Want to get your own pair of INEZ?

Yes. Let me just answer that for you. Yes! You’ve read the INEZ Spring sandal review … you’ve seen some styling options. Your answer should be yes! Use my discount code my9to5shoes15 to get 15% off your favorite pair – including Sofia. #SizableSavings

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