Today I’m talking about Spring 2021 fashion trends but first let’s start with a little #truth. While so many things in the world have changed over the last year, many Fashion Trends have not. There is still a MAJOR emphasis on casual – so much so I couldn’t ignore this despite many being not work appropriate. In reality, I’m not even sure anyone knows what work appropriate is anymore. Some days it seems almost anything goes via Zoom. What I do know for sure, 2020 changed the way America dresses – probably for awhile. #EmbraceIt

Not only has what we are wearing changed – but so have our shopping habits. We are shopping less, buying better quality and focusing on designers and brands with an eye toward sustainability and longevity. #sorrynotsorryfastfashion

So when we do shop, what are we shopping for and and what’s trending for Spring? Love it or hate it …. loungewear still reigns supreme. Since most of us are still doing so much from home, the major focus is comfort. I get it. But I’m also feeling like its time to get out of yoga pants. Are you even doing yoga in your yoga pants? Ever? Maybe they should be renamed Zoom pants? I realize loungewear isn’t going away because working from home isn’t going away but I’m not shopping for it anymore. #OverIt

So when trends am I loving (and shopping for)? Read on. And for the curious, at the end of this post, I noted a few of the trends (beside loungewear) that I’m just going to pretend don’t exist. #Ignore

Trends I am on Board With

Diving into the Spring 2021 fashion trends … these first few can really all be lumped together:

Oversized boyfriend blazers.

Casual Suiting.

Relaxed Tailoring.

Wide Leg Pants.

They all take something familiar and loosen it. Suiting is moving toward looser and more relaxed. Think oversized jackets that create a long-line silhouette and scream casual and comfortable. This is tailoring that is perfect to bridge the gap between comfort and office appropriate. Same goes for pants – and I am so on board with ditching joggers for statement making pants. Frankly, it’s past time to ditch sweatpants and leggings and my new favorite alternative is wide-leg, roomy trousers. They are elevated, chick and still super comfortable. #CasualCool

Spring 2021 Fashion Trends.  Bright Color Blocking

Bright Color Blocking. Another trend completely in my wheelhouse is bright color blocking. If you saw yesterday’s Instagram post then you know I’m already well on my way to embracing this one. Look for bright colors (see the trending colors below) and pair them with a complimentary color or two to make an impact. Keep the number of colors at three max to avoid looking like a chaotic rainbow. #ColorImpact

Spring 2021 Color Trends

Bubblegum Pink, Yellow and Mint Green. Sorbet tones anyone? All the trending colors are highlighted above but the few I keep seeing again and again are the yellow and blues. I’ve been shopping for a yellow purse to add to my collection because it just sounds fun. And of course bright blue has been a staple in my closet for years. Pink is an easy trend for anyone to adopt because it looks great with almost any skin tone. #StartPink

Spring 2021 Knit Separates Trend

Seasonless Knits. You know I love my separates and I’m so very happy that minimalist, ribbed knitwear is moving up in the trends. Think of this a dressier alternative to athleisure. Now you really have no excuse for putting on sweats this Spring. #ZeroExcuses

Spring 2021 Wardrobe Classics Trends

Quality Classics. Remember at the beginning when I mentioned adding quality into your closet? Now is the time to invest in and wear classic essentials. A Burberry trench, Prada coat, or Etro striped shirt … these staples will never go out of style. There are so many options making it the perfect time to refresh your closet classics. #ChooseYourClassic

Spring 2021 Fashion Trends.  Piping Details.

Pipping details. This is one to watch. I love a piped sheath dress for the work place but I’m not shopping for new sheath dresses quite yet. I am curious to see how this trend might play out in other pieces. #KeyYourEyesPeeled

Crafty. Tie Dye was all the rage last Spring and continues strong. Designers are encouraging shoppers to get crafty with hand painted jackets, perforated fabrics and patchwork prints. Who knows, incorporating something crafty into your closet might even inspire your own DIY project. Buy one, make one … either way have fun with it!! #AlwaysHaveFun

Black Face Masks. I love my stipes and leopard prints masks but I do find myself reaching for the black one more. These Nordstrom masks are the ones our family uses the most. I love that you can take it off without loosing it or shoving it in a purse or pocket when I’m out running errands. They go on sale frequently so watch for that. #MaskMandates

Shoe Trends

Still talking about Spring 2021 fashion trends but moving on to my favorite category. Shoe trends. So many of them were beyond inappropriate for the office but I did find a few I am loving (okay, maybe more than a few)!! #ShoeLover

Spring 2021 Shoes Trends Baroque Ballet Flats from Sarah Flint

Baroque Ballet Flats. The ballet flat is kind of the perfect shoe for 2021. The form-fitting shape is comfortable enough for long indoor wear but also keeps you nimble and able to keep moving while on the go. This Spring I’m seeing fun colors and prints. Score the Sarah Flint beauties above at $50 off when you purchase your first pair using code: SARAHFLINT-BAMY9TOSHOES or DM me for a link.

Chain Details. Chains on your shoes will elevate any look this spring. These could be combined with the ballet flats or loafers to get two trends in one. You can also find chains on sandals and slides. I’m partial to gold but there are so many different options. #LinkItUp

Loafers. Maybe it’s because they add a polished vibe to any outfit, maybe it’s because they’re practical and easy to wear, or maybe it’s because they’re a perennial favorite that will never really go out of style. Whichever the reason, loafers, oxfords, and brogues are the dominating the flat shoe trend and I’m here for it. #LoaferLover

White Knee High Boots. I know, here I go again with the white boots. This time not only are they white but knee high. It is not a trend for everyone but it will make a statement. #AlwaysMakeStatements

Retro Sneakers. While less office appropriate than the others it is still a trend I’m willing to get behind. So many good options for these throwback styles. #NostalgiaWins

Other Notable Trends (or Not)

Florals. Really? I’m sorry but don’t they trend every Spring. Can’t we just call it a Spring thing and stop acting like it’s a new trend every year? I feel like this trend is a little been there, done that. #NotForMeThisYear

Sheer Fabric and Holes. As someone whose primary focus is professional attire – I’m pretty sure I don’t need to explain my lack of interest in these two. #MovingOn

Ruffles. These are still going strong. If ruffles are your jam then dance on. It’s rare I’m drawn to ruffles. #RuffleRebel

Flatforms and Clogs. I think I’ll leave the 80’s in the past as I have no desire to return to either of these trends from my childhood. #NinetiesGirl

That’s my take on Spring 2021 Fashion Trends … what are your favorites?