The Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies is probably my favorite gift guide because I love to spend time in the kitchen and this year I’ve actually been able to do that. Most of the items on this list have been in our kitchen for years and are items we use on the daily.

2020 Adds to Our Kitchen

Our kitchen has been fully stocked for years but every year it seems we add a few things.  Some we love, some we pass along.  This year we added several new items that aren’t going anywhere!

Thermometer $12 – After several attempts to replace the batteries in our old thermometer we finally just purchased a new one … we should have done that years ago. There is nothing special or magical about this one other than my meat is never overcooked and I know when my sauces are about to boil. #ReasonEnough

Wine Opener $35 – After my wine opener broke this Summer (likely from overuse), hubs bought me this one and I love it. It consumes way less space, is not overly complicated and works great. #Cheers

The Complete Slow Cooker Cookbook $25 – We love this family of cookbooks. After the Vegetables Illustrated book hit it out of the park I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of this book along with Fall weather. This one is not quite as good as the other one (it gets an A+) we have enjoyed the meals with made and more than a few have been really good. #JustNotAllOfThem

Everyday Items

These are all things in our kitchen that we use on the daily.  They are a must have for any wannabe chef (or actual chef).  #AllInclusive  Any Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies wouldn’t be complete without the staples you use everyday.  #OrShould

Lodge Cast Iron Pans – I am not sure I could function in a kitchen without one of these (we actually have four of various sizes).  They really are all you need to cook anything!!  #YepAnything

Bamboo Salt Holder – We keep our Himalayan salt in this (and yes, use it daily).  It’s my favorite kind of salt (it is also in our salt grinder).  We use this salt.

Garlic Press – Turns cloves into minced garlic in about two seconds flat.  #Genius

Cookbook Stand – There are lots of “pretty” cookbook stands on the market but the clincher with this one is the acrylic front that keeps your cookbooks pristine. #MessyCook

Mixing Bowls – I have three different sets of mixing bowls (I use them that much).  I love that these can stay on the counter and still look pretty!  #StorageSaver

Soda Stream – Sparkly water and sparkling juice are consumed at nearly every meal in our house.  I don’t think we would survive without this (or the glass recycling bin would fill up way too fast). #ThatBinIsForWineBottles

Wine Stoppers $6 – These were added to the daily list this year (probably for the same reason my opener broke). It’s 2020, drink a glass every day if you want. #IDo

Specialty Items You Should Actually Buy

I feel like we have tried every specialty gadget in existence.  Some are better than others.  Some work but aren’t so good they warrant drawer space.  Here are the ones that we keep around.

Bear Claws – If you make pork shoulder or shredded chicken more than a few times a year then you are going to want these.  They turn a hunk of meat into a shredded pile in a matter of minutes.  Sure you could use forks but it is going to take twice as long, hurt twice as much when you gouge your finger and leave your eight your old completely bored with the process.  Bear Claws, however are efficient, safe and entertaining.  #BearRoarsEncouraged

Avocado Saver – Does exactly as it is named for half an avocado.  Don’t let Amazon convince you the slicer is good too.  It’s unnecessary – use a knife.  And if you regularly eat the whole avocado then you don’t need this either.  What I need is an alarm reminding me to eat the other half I saved.  #OtherProblems

Vitamix – Your average blender will do the job of a Vitamix “most” of the time.  It is the other few times that I am reminded of the power that is our Vitamix.  We have a commercial version that is at least fifteen years old.  It has created soups, smoothies, hummus, nut butters, baby food and a whole host of other yumminess … and I will never use a regular blender again.  #Never

Kitchen Aid Spiralizer Accessory $69 – This was another attempt to use ALL the veggies.  I probably couldn’t convince my boys to eat a spear of squash but if I spiralize it, they clean their plate in five minutes.  #TrueStory  I purchased mine used from eBay and I paid almost as much as the price you can currently get a new one from Macy’s for.  #WorthThePrice

Favorite Cookbooks

I already noted the newest addition to the bookshelf but the other cook books we reach for again and again ….

Vegetables Illustrated Cookbook – I purchased this for my spouse to make sure we continued our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).  We get a weekly vegetable lot and since he does all the menu planning and cooking – I needed him on board with cooking LOTS of vegetables.  The cookbook isn’t wholly vegetarian though there are plenty of recipes included that are.  EVERY recipe we have made has been amazing!  #EverySingleOne

Well Fed – We have all three cookbooks but if I had to choose only one it would be the original one. And if I had to choose just one recipe it would be the Pork Carnitas … appropriately nicknamed pork “crack”nitas. All of the books in the series are good though.

That is it for my Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies (#curated). You can also check out my other Holiday Guides … Gifts for Him and Gifts for Her (updated coming soon)!

Happy Holidays!!