Combat boots are definably trending for Fall. I talked about Fall Trends back in September but I never got around to talking about Fall Shoe Trends. Well these are one … and if you are reading this post then I am guessing you are ready to jump on board but are struggling with how to style them. This post break it down into the key pieces that look fabulous with combat boots so you can find a style that fits yours. #BootBreakdown


How to Style Combat Boots with a Dress

I’m a dress girl. Admittedly not as much in my current work state – but I still love dresses. There are two styles of dresses I think work best for combat boots. Girly with lots of movement (think layers, ruffles and uneven hems) or streamlined sweater dresses. Length isn’t the most important factor – mini, midi, maxi … they all work. #YouChoose

Pro tip: They coolest looks are almost always accompanied by another layer … often a statement jacket. This helps to balance the boots. Styling combat boots is really about proportions. You want to look streamlined and pretty and not draw all eyes to your feet. #NoBigFootHere


How to Style Combat Boots with a Skirt

As with dresses, the length of a skirt makes no difference … again it’s about balance (again note the use of a statement outer layer). Knit separates, a pencil skirt with a comfy sweater … they all work. Think of using visual interest with your pieces to create a focal point or keep your look streamlined to keep the eye moving over the entire outfit. #EyeMovementMatters

How to Style Combat Boots with Tights

Pro tip: As temperatures drop, don’t be afraid to cover your legs. #WarmUpWithTights


How to Style Combat Boots with Pants

Wearing pants is one of the more office worthy looks to pull off combat boots. I’m clearly partial to a monotone look in a color lighter than the boots to draw the eye upward. #OneHue

Pro tip: Pay attention to where the boot lands on your leg and how it fits with the hem of the pants. You want the top of the boot to align to the pant hem or show just the slightest bit of skin. #NoHighWaterHere

Combat Boots & Denim (or Leggings)

How to Style Combat Boots with Denim

The last piece I am going to talk about moves the boots into a casual setting. If you saw my looks from Instagram then you know black leggings were a frequent choice but I also love my combat boots with colored denim. I consider black denim and leggings kind of one and the same. #SameSilhouette

How to Style Combat Boots with Denim

The alternative to skinny jeans or leggings is cropped denim which is a look I love because the combat boots can tuck neatly under the crop. And notice black combat boots are not required. All of these looks work equally well with white combat boots (or even olive green combat boots). #RainbowOfBoots

Pro tip: I love denim paired with an oversized sweaters and cool fur topper but when the weather warms in the Spring, swap the sweater for a t-shirt and win the transition season. #SpringReady

Shop Combat Boots

My preference is for classic, sleek looking combat boots with minimal adornment (buckles, studs or other hardware). Here are a few that I love!