I thought we could all use a heavy dose of laughter. These are all the COVID-19 inspired memes I saw throughout my social channels this week that made me smile or laugh. Feel free to share. When available, I left the original author but for most I have no idea. #JustSmile

There were three main themes…. adjusting to the new normal of “working” from home, “what day is it” and of course, some wine related entertainment.

And because I have to say this – none of these were meant to be offensiveness or to mean I do not take our situation seriously. They are just meant to make you smile for a moment. #DontAtMe

Even my husband who isn’t really a fan of Vegas and has only been once found this one amusing.

Shoes over corn any day. #AskMeInAMonth

I have to make a left turn out of my neighborhood (which is really hard to do during rush hour). There are often people turning right into the neighborhood at the same intersection … this would provide a great opportunity for those turning left to exit … except they rarely signal their intent.

Pay attention for 10 minutes and count how many times you touch your face (or want to). #SoHard

I think this one came from a Nurse friend. It’s a visual I didn’t really want to think about but still funny to me.

I don’t know how many times I’ve asked what day it is …

This meme came to me via my running group. #SoMuchTruth

I think I might assigning days. Monday’s are black. Tuesdays are red ….

This one still makes me laugh out loud when I read it. #SoMuchTruth


This is me giving up on even trying …

Again, not trying to be offensive. #JustFunny

I could totally see myself doing this …

Raise your hand if zoom is your new normal. #RaisesHand

When your husband takes his new IT Support role a little too seriously. I grabbed this from @whatveewore (I follow her on Instagram – normally for her great work wear style). #funnyHusband

Pretty much my schedule …

Another one I snagged from Instagram (@round_the_prickly_pear) – the answers are so spot on!!

I’m sure you have already seen some of these COVID-19 inspired memes floating around on social. If not, hopefully they made you laugh out loud … or at least smile! I will do another round up next week so tag me if you find a good one!!

My Week of Smiles

My goal all week has been to make you smile. If you missed Tuesday’s rainbow round up or Thursday’s Zoom What Not to do (scroll to the end) – you should just those out for even more smiles!

Happy Sunday!